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What Happened To Rain Brown From ‘Alaskan Bush People’?

It is hard to lose people and more hard to lose loved ones. In a recent episode of Alaskan Bush People that was released on November 13, 2022, Rain Brown was a concern for many fans to know why she is grieving. The producers added an on-screen text in the episode that Rain Brown has been receiving professional treatment.

After the recent episode that featured a scenic boat trip of Rain Brown with her siblings, Gabe and Bird, the Discovery viewers have been sending Rain Brown well-wishing messages. The trip refreshed memories of Rain’s father, Billy. Something happened to Rain after the storm as she fell sick. Here is what happened to her!

Alaskan Bush People: Rain Brown’s Mental Health

After the demise of Rain’s father, she received professional help to overcome her loss. However, in an interview, Rain’s mother, Ami, said that her daughter never grieved. But Gabe and Bird, who went on the Alaskan trip with Rain, said the opposite.

what happened to rain from alaskan bush

Ami also revealed that for a mother, it is tough to see their children in grief as she can not take it from them; however, according to her, that was not the case with Rain. Ami added that there are things that one does alone and not publicly, indicating that Rain did not mourn her father’s death in public.

what happened to rain from alaskan bush

Ami Brown and Billy Brown

The Wolfpack is on a new trip to accomplish Rain’s lifelong dream of mining gold on the mountain while she recovers in her homeland. The most significant way to learn is through doing, according to Rain’s sister, who added that she is doing it for Rain. 

Alaskan Bush People: What happened to Rain Brown?

Rain tried her best to remain vital for her sister Bird all season. However, in the last episode of Alaskan Bush People, aired on November 13, 2022, Rain decided to go with her sister, Bird, to Alaska.

Rain took a boat trip to Alaska with her sister Bird, who had recently removed two pre-cancerous tumors. The tour was an escape from the day-to-day worry of their life. But things did not go as planned; instead, it worsened.

what happened to rain from alaskan bush

The Rain got sick when they reached Alaska as she was overwhelmed by her emotions. Rain threw up on The integrity, an old family boat on which they used to travel with their late father.

However, the reason for her vomiting was not seas sickness but the flashback of the memories of her father, Billy, who died earlier in February 2021. However, the Alaskan trip’s emotions did have an impact once they arrived on Mosman Island.

what happened to rain from alaskan bush

After Rain’s father, Billy, died in 2021, she went into a depression. Rain was just 19 years and the youngest child of the Brown family, yet she had to take care of her older sister. The boat ride was a trigger for the emotions to come back. Rain’s mother, Ami, said in an interview that there were things that they had to do alone after the death of Billy.

Alaskan Bush People: Rain Brown on Treatment

Rain navigated The Integrity through the Wrangell Narrows, resulting in her breakdown. Since it was the first time Rain piloted the boat without her father, when they reached the soil, Rain and Bird had a heart-to-heart conversation where she revealed how she felt about Billy’s death.

what happened to rain from alaskan bush

Rain and Bird Brown

Rain confessed that she was ultimately broke after Billy’s death and felt part of her also died. She also mentioned that she needed professional help to move on from the grief she was carrying with her. She also said that Billy said before his death that Rain had done enough.

what happened to rain from alaskan bush

Brown Family

After they returned to the North Star Ranch, Rain took professional help to process her grief. However, many fans of Alaskan Bush People moved to tears after Rain revealed her genuine emotions. Some fans also praised her for taking professional help to move on.

Alaskan Bush People: Where is Rain Brown Now?

The 19-year-old girl, Rain Brown, had gone through a tragic past that had put her in a state of depression. However, after she decided to take professional help to overcome the grief of her father’s death, Rain went through a healing process. She is now more focused on her mental health and is regaining her peace of mind.

what happened to rain from alaskan bush

Recently on her Instagram posts, Rain captioned her pictures with “#stayhappy” and “#staystrong.” After the recent episode of Alaskan Bush People, she confessed that October was the most challenging season for her yet. In response to her Instagram posts, many fans have sent their good wishes and prayers for the Brown Family. 

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