Why Did Reba McEntire And Narvel Blackstock Divorce? Know All The Details Here!


As to why Reba and Narvel divorce, You’ve arrived in Hollywood, where relationships are erratic, and divorces are pricy; due to her Nashville background, Reba McEntire may have been able to avoid the glitz and glamour of Hollywood. She nevertheless experienced the same arbitrary misfortune that has befallen several other Hollywood A-listers in her marital relationship with Narvel Blackstock, though.

According to Marie Claire, McEntire and Blackstock were married in 1989; however, despite their vows of “until death does us part,” their actual relationship is a little less exciting. Marriages end in divorce for a variety of reasons, and celebrity (or infamy) is no exception. Most famous couples plead irreconcilable differences and rely on an impenetrable prenup to preserve their assets, unlike Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, whose fever-pitch relationship ended in a global spectacle.

Reba McEntire And Narvel Blackstock
Reba McEntire With Her Ex-Husband Narvel Blackstock

The singer had amassed a sizeable fortune from her decades-long career in the nation by the time she and Blackstock called it quit in 2015. Despite his relative obscurity, Blackstock, who managed McEntire for most of her career, nonetheless received a sizable payout. So, why did Reba and Narvel divorce? Let’s find out!

How Reba McEntire Met Narvel Blackstock?

Reba was upset, surprised, and even disappointed when Charlie Battles, a skilled rancher and champion steer wrestler, revealed his plan to divorce his wife. Reba was at the pinnacle of her career and garnering much attention when she and Battle broke up. While Reba said that she and Battles split up because she prioritized her career above her marriage, Battles disagreed. Her 11-year-old marriage to Battles ended in divorce in 1987.

After all the commotion surrounding the couple’s divorce, Narvel Blackstock made an appearance. He and Reba had a rapid romance. Because of her new connection with Blackstock shortly after her divorce, fans were quite critical of Reba’s image. They thought Reba’s divorce went against who she was. This was due to Reba’s early development as a representation of ease and domesticity. But despite the doubters, Reba went ahead and wed Narvel in 1988 at Lake Tahoe, California. Daughter Shelby McEntire Blackstock was born to the couple in 1990.


Narvel Blackstock and Reba McEntire collaborated on projects over the years, both personally and professionally. Fans of country music seldom recognized Narvel in the years before starting to date Reba. After they were married, he started overseeing Reba’s career and penning many of her hit songs and Grammy-winning compositions. Along with Reba, Marvel handled the creators of Malibu Country, Not So Family Christmas, and Secret of Giving. Starstruck Entertainment, the prosperous company that Reba McEntire and Blackstock formed, was founded.

Why Did Reba McEntire And Narvel Blackstock Divorce?

One of the most intriguing pairings in country music for more than 25 years has been Reba McEntire and Narvel Blackstock. Reba, however, was shocked to learn that her 26-year marriage to Narvel was ending. Reba declared that she had no desire to end the marriage and that she had not made a choice to be divorced. After their breakup, Reba found it difficult to adjust.

Reba cut off her relationship with Starstruck Entertainment as a result and decided to handle things on her own. For Narvel, their divorce was legally binding as of that month. But Narvel had already started seeing someone else a month after splitting with Reba. Reba and Narvel were friends with Laura Putty Stroud. It was also said that Narvel and Stroud were very much in love with one another and that they were preparing to wed shortly.


Reba, on the other hand, accepted the criticism and gossip with grace and committed herself more than ever to be an authority in her profession. Despite the difficulties resulting from her divorce, Reba still had a close relationship with her three stepchildren. Reba gave this explanation when asked what caused the divorce: one partner was dissatisfied with the relationship.

Reba agreed to the divorce because she believed that life was too short to spend in misery with her spouse and that she did not want to tie him or her to him. Reba went on to remark that the major reason she was able to endure the pain and go on with her life was because of God. Reba said that she makes a daily prayer request for the fortitude to carry on and the discernment to know what to do next.

Reba McEntire, Along With Her Boyfriend, Rex Linn

Has Reba McEntire Moved On Since Then?

After years of working with Blackstock as her manager, McEntire made the decision to handle her own career after the couple’s divorce. After Reba and Narvel’s divorce, it appears that she has moved on. Rex Linn, an actor, and McEntire have been dating since 2020; the country singer, 67, reportedly has not even been able to completely move on from her ex-husband, 65-year-old Narvel Blackstock, who was the love of her life.

She still chats with him, and the old feelings take control of her and make her homesick for the past, the insider said. The couple had a 32-year-old son named Shelby and divorced in 2015 after 26 years of marriage. Even though Reba is with such a nice person, she still finds it difficult to forget about Narvel.