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Who Is Celine Dion Married To Now? All You Need To Know About The Popular Canadian Singer’s Love Life

Celine Dion is one such name that needs no introduction. The 54-year-old singing sensation is famous all around the world. People have always been curious about her love life. Celine was married to René Angélil.
Sadly he died due to throat cancer in 2016. Renée was her husband as well as her manager. She was barely 12 years when she got in touch with him. She felt connected to him on her first meeting. She revealed in an interview that Rene was quite impressed by her.
In fact, he began crying when he first heard her voice. Renée decided to become her manager. Initially, both shared a professional relationship only. Rene was a dedicated manager who ensured that  Celina was getting the right guidance and winning the hearts of people with her voice.
But soon, both developed feelings for each other, and their professional relationship turned into a romantic one. Celine Dion has not been too vocal about her relationship. In fact, their relationship was kept secret for a long time. But when she released her album -The Color Of My Love, she disclosed the details of her relationship and mentioned how much she loved Rene.
celine dion health

Celine Dion’s Illustrious Career

The singing sensation, who has a net worth of almost $800 million, is one of the most popular Singers in the world. She has ruled the music industry for nearly 5 decades. Celine always desired to become a singer. As a child, she was keenly invested in music and would perform frequently.

She was just 20 when she bagged the prestigious award at the Eurovision contest. She decided to step towards the international music industry as she started learning and singing songs in English.

Soon she found immense success and got her first Grammy award in 1992. At a very young age, she had managed to do wonders, all thanks to her sensational voice. Her song- My Heart Will Go On remains one of the most popular songs ever.

how old is celine dionCeline Dion’s Personal Life

Celine Dion’s personal life was always grabbing attention. But she just loved one person, and that relationship lasted for several years. She was involved in a romantic relationship with her manager. At the time of her marriage, she was 26. When her husband died, Celine was  47. The age gap between them was about 26 years.
Their relationship was always in the news due to their age group. People even subjected them to moral policing due to the age gap, as many felt that Rene was exploiting the naive Celine. But it was all untrue, as Celine and Rene’s love story was nothing but pure love and respect for each other despite all the differences.

celine dion childrenRene’s Constant Support to Celine 

Celine’s husband passed away in 2016. But she is ensuring that her memories and legacy always remain alive. She has always mentioned how Rene supported her throughout her flourishing career. In fact, he put his house on sale to gather funds for the release of her first album.

It was due to his efforts that Celine managed to release her first album – La Voix du Bon Dieu. It was a huge hit and helped her gain immense fame. It was in 1988 when their relationship took a romantic turn. Due to the age gap, her relationship remained under scrutiny.

In fact, her mom was not happy that  Celine was romancing someone who was almost 26 years older than her. Also, he was a divorcee and had three children. People said he got infatuated with Celine and left his family for the singing sensation. But her mother and the majority public soon accepted the relationship.

rené angélil cause of deathCeline Dion And René Angélil Love Story 

Celine and René tied the knot in 1994. Since René is from Montréal, so their wedding was organized in his hometown. Celine’s dress garnered a lot of attention as it was revealed that several designers worked to complete her gorgeous silk dress, which was all decorated with crystals and stunning artifacts.

This was not their first wedding celebration, as a few years later, they again organized a grand wedding ceremony which they described as the celebration of their ever-growing love. Celine  Dion And René Angélil had their first child in 2001, and after nine years, they had twins. It took them several attempts to conceive as  Celine was having trouble managing all the things on her own.

Celine had some fertility issues which required treatment for a long. Celine Dion and  René Angélil had three children. Celine was not ready to become a mother as she felt that it might hinder her career. She had to undergo treatments and operations in order to conceive.

 Celine  Dion wedding René Angélil Cancer Diagnosis 

Their beautiful love story was struck with tragedy due to René’s diagnosis of throat cancer. It was in 1999 when René was told that he had throat cancer. He took all the treatments and was declared cancer free a  year later.

He remained cancer free for several years, but in 2013 cancer relapsed. But this time, cancer would take his life as doctors told him that it was a terminal tumor. He passed away in 2016. Celine has always mentioned how his death shattered her apart.

In many of her concerts later, she expressed her love for her late husband. Rene managed Celine’s career for years, but his cancer diagnosis forced him to retire as he had to focus on extensive treatments to cure his tumor. With his death, she was completely shattered as it left a void in her heart that could never be fulfilled.

is Celine  Dion divorced Celine Dion’s Latest Health Update

Celine is trending these days as she revealed to the public that she is suffering from an extremely rare and incurable disease called Stiff person syndrome. This disease can lead to stiffness in the entire body and cause several other symptoms like chronic pain, muscle spasms, etc.

Consequently, she would be canceling her 2023 shows as she revealed her diagnosis in an Instagram video. Fans and all her well-wishers across the world are sending her love and support to take on this neurological disease which perhaps doesn’t have a definite cure. We hope Celine recovers soon and is back to her shows and concerts and win our hearts like she’s been doing for the past five decades.

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