Why Was Jeff Lewis Fired? The Real Reason

Why Was Jeff Lewis Fired

Jeff Lewis is an American television celebrity, property capitalist, and interior decorator. Jeff Lewis is best known for being the host of the popular reality series “Flipping Out” on Bravo, which debuted in 2007 and ran for 11 seasons till airing its season finale in November 2018.

Following his college graduation, Jeff launched his real estate business professionally by purchasing homes, remodeling them, and reselling them for profit. His company was successful, and he later established his own development company, Jeff Lewis Design, which creates a line of home furniture marketed on QVC.

Who is Jeff Lewis?

On March 24, 1970, in Orange County, California, Jeffrey Thomas Lewis, the future Jeff Lewis, was born. When Jeff was 18 years old, his mother, Catherine, lost a battle with cancer.

And he drew a lot of inspiration from his father, who, according to him, was a hard-working, brilliant man in his life. Lewis graduated from Mater Dei High School in 1988. He studied political science at Chapman University and law at Southern California.

Why Was Jeff Lewis Fired
Jeff Lewis

After earning his degree in 1993, Jeff started converting properties while working as a realtor salesman for a brokerage firm. His program, “Flipping Out,” which debuted on the Bravo channel in 2007, featured the daily operations of his property investment company and design studio.

The program spanned 100 episodes through 11 seasons. The show was nominated for an Outstanding Unstructured Reality Program Primetime Emmy Award in 2014.

“Interior Therapy with Jeff Lewis,” a prequel Bravo offered Lewis in 2012, spanned two seasons. After starting Jeff Lewis Design in 2009, his interior designing firm, “House Beautiful,” commissioned him to create the “Kitchen of the Year” in 2010.

Jeff Lewis & Living Spaces

Living Spaces is a retailer of furniture, home goods, and other furnishings. In an earlier Flipping Out broadcast, Jeff engaged in a dispute with Channa, a staff member who was expected to provide items and supplies to produce the images but failed to accomplish this task.

Jeff was shooting a photography session for the firm’s catalog. Jeff thinks Channa’s statements about purposefully concealing the items led to his termination from Living Spaces just after the show aired.

Why Was Jeff Lewis Fired

Jeff Lewis was hired at the furniture designing firm Living spaces as a creative director, bringing with him a wealth of design knowledge & skills and a large base of clients.

Lewis was not so fond of their branding efforts, so he was responsible for leading their makeover operations. He participated in several photo shoots for their catalog. Designer Channa was an employee of Brentwood Living Spaces and was assigned to Lewis as a mentor.

Why was Jeff Lewis Fired?

Lewis and his colleagues have been shopping for furniture and decorations for an upcoming catalog shoot. Channa reportedly skipped the assignment and was responsible for going accessory shopping.

Lewis’ design preferences may have exceeded Channa’s, which needed to be received better by the company’s in-house designer. Lewis and Channa from Living Space allegedly got into a fight because Channa reportedly failed to buy the finishing touches.

Why Was Jeff Lewis Fired
Flipping Out

Members of the Flipping Out cast noticed warning signs in Channa’s incident that suggested disruption was likely the cause of the alleged blunder. The retail furniture firm reportedly disapproved of how the incident was depicted on TV and felt that the photographs were of poor quality.

When the television celebrity claimed on Twitter that specific staff didn’t perform their duties, the viewers first learned about Lewis’s firing. The reality TV star was publicly mocked for his termination. Lewis, though, took the hit well and laughed about it. The brilliant designer referred to the dismissal in a few Instagram posts.

Why Was Jeff Lewis Fired

Given Lewis’s outstanding work garnered notoriety for Living Spaces, it just appeared excessive that the photographic blunder would force the Furniture Firm to bid Jeff an unwelcome departure. According to him in an episode of Heather McDonald’s podcast, an additional litigation threat prompted Living Spaces to terminate Jeff, giving his accusations greater reality.

Return of Jeff Lewis

Jeff Lewis, now 52, and with his interior decorating skills, is back with a brand-new reality Television show, “Hollywood Houselift with Jeff Lewis,” following a protracted three-year absence from the small screen.

The famed interior decorator from “Flipping Out” has returned to business, and at this moment, he’s concentrating his skills on the residences of your favorite celebrities. Every Friday, Freevee broadcasts a new edition of the show.