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Rage Against the Machine’s Tim Commerford Reveals Battling With Cancer

Tim Commerford

Tim Commerford, a bassist, is the most recent Rage Against the Machine member to suffer from health issues. In his most recent interview, the musician spoke candidly about his battle with prostate cancer. Commerford said that he had been dealing with some rather serious problems.

In addition, he said that soon before starting a tour with Rage, he had prostate surgery and received a prostate cancer diagnosis. Commerford talked about his struggles with the illness. He joined the rap-rock group when it was formed in 1991.

Tim Commerford

Commerford said that he discovered he had cancer when he attempted to apply for life insurance. He claimed that; he got disqualified because of high P.S.A. (prostate-specific antigen) test results. Commerford said that; his physicians took a biopsy and found cancer when the P.S.A. level continued increasing.

After that, his medical staff removed his prostate before the band reformed in July 2022 for its tour. But according to his medical professionals, he wasn’t “going to be fit to perform.” He continued by saying that; he’d be on stage sobbing and staring at his amplifier. In addition, he said that one might then whirl around or suck it up.

Know more about his battle with cancer

The cancer diagnosis Commerford received was “a horrific psychological trip,” he said. He also said that his parents both fought cancer before passing away. Commerford claimed that he discovered “catharsis” through songwriting despite the misery he was experiencing on a bodily, emotional, and psychological level.

Tim Commerford

According to Commerford’s admission, it has been challenging for him to think of a positive outcome from his battle with illness. Additionally, he stated: There’s this tiny light at the other end of the cave that he is seeing right now, and Tim feels that he could derive some substantial sweetness from it in other areas.

Due to vocalist Zack de la Rocha’s knee issue, Rage Against the Machine revealed in October that its North American 2023 tour got postponed. According to other accounts, De la Rocha twice attempted to put weight on his leg during a July concert in Chicago before being removed offstage. Commerford continued by saying that it goes beyond only being able to perform once more and includes fundamental functionality moving forward.

Know more about Tim Commerford 

Tim Commerford

Tim Commerford came into the world in 1968 to an aerospace engineer father and a mathematician mother. His father worked for NASA as a space shuttle mechanic. Tim is the youngest of five kids. He was raised in California, which is also referred to as Orange County.

Tim and Zach de la Rocha met for the first time as students at his alma mater in Irvine. While Tim was still a little child, his mother, unfortunately, received a cancer diagnosis. When Tim’s father divorced her while she was still sick, she was forced to move in with Tim’s sister in Sacramento.

When his father remarried, the family was in ruins. Tim claimed to have experienced abuse as a youngster; while living with his father. Tim discovered bass playing at the age of 15, thanks to Zach, who also helped him find a musical outlet.

Tim was a major admirer of jazz and hip hop, and he cited Cypress Hill and N.W.A. as early inspirations. The iconic rap metal group Rage Against The Machine was founded when guitarist Tom Morello, a Harvard graduate, and drummer Brad Wilk met Zach. RATM had a tremendous career thanks to their blunt politics and obnoxious music.

Tim Commerford

Commerford developed a reputation for being a formidable force to earn the respect of his colleagues. He distinguished himself from the competitors with a distinctive, cross-genre sound. The band put out four studio albums under the brand names before splitting up in 2000 when Zach left to pursue a solo career.

During this period, they also received accolades in recognition. Former Sound Garden frontman Chris Cornell was asked to join the other RATM members onstage by Rick Rubin. The outcome was so shocking that they decided to start a new group, Audioslave, which they did in November 2002.

Despite being referred to as “the supergroup of the millennium,” Audioslave prefers to refer to themselves as “garage bands.” The #1 slot on Billboard’s Rock chart has been held by Audioslave for 13 weeks, and they are proud owners of strong platinum status.

Tim is evidence that lightning does strike twice thanks to his accomplishment in these Rage Against The Machine as well as Audioslave. Aleece, an AIDS campaigner, and medical expert, has been Tim’s lifelong girlfriend, and as of now, they are now married. Xavier, the couple’s son, was born.

Tim Commerford Personal Life:

Commerford wed Aleece Dimas, his lover of many years, in 2001. Together, Xavier and Quentin are their two boys. The pair made their divorce announcement in November 2018. As a “conspiracy theorist,” Commerford describes himself.

He asserted that the Moon landing was staged in a 2015 Rolling Stone interview, and at a John Cusack movie premiere, he questioned Buzz Aldrin about it. Commerford also denied ISIS’s existence and questioned the veracity of its beheading films in the same interview.


He says they’re not genuine. They have music playing. These films have been altered to remove the bits that are impossible to forge. He initially believed that; their government removed it so that; their children wouldn’t see it online, but this was not the case.

That is how the videos arrived. The neck is first sliced by the knife; after that, it stops. Too much of it does not appear to be real. The portions that would be impossible to falsify have been removed. Jihadi John and ISIS were founded by them, so they could go drop bombs.

Tim Commerford: Career

Commerford was born in Irvine, California, on February 26, 1968. His musical heroes when he was younger were Geddy Lee, Sid Vicious, Steve Harris, and Gene Simmons. After guitarist Tom Morello’s band Lock Up disbanded in 1991, Commerford and Zack de la Rocha were persuaded to play with Tom Morello by the band’s drummer, Jon Knox.

Brad Wilk, who had failed his Lock Up audition, received a call from Tom shortly after. Rage Against the Machine was eventually formed with this lineup. In 1992, Rage Against the Machine inked a record deal with Epic Records after often playing in L.A. clubs.

The group’s self-titled debut was released in the same year. They launched three more studio albums and experienced extraordinary popular success. After Commerford’s antics at the V.M.A.s in late 2000, de la Rocha left the band in dissatisfaction. Rage Against the Machine gave their final performance in Los Angeles on September 13, 2000.

Tim Commerford

Audioslave (2001–2007)

After Zack de la Rocha quit Rage Against the Machine, music producer Rick Rubin advised the band’s three surviving members to get together with Chris Cornell, who had previously performed with Sound Garden, and “see what happens.”

They started working in the studio in May 2001 and wrote their debut song, “Light My Way.” Due to “outside” influences, primarily from management agencies, the newly founded band had separated by April 2002.

Though they quickly reunited, they didn’t take long to deliver their self-titled debut, which went triple platinum. Following their tremendous popularity, Audioslave put out two more studio albums.

The very first American rock band to perform a performance inside of Cuba was Audioslave, who performed a free concert on May 5, 2005, in front of 65,000 Cuban fans. Chris Cornell formally announced his resignation from Audioslave on February 15, 2007, which led to the band’s dissolution.

Rage Against the Machine reunion (2007–2011)

On April 29, 2007, during the Coachella Music Festival, Rage Against the Machine came back together. For the greatest festival audience, the band performed in front of an E.Z.L.N. background. It was first believed that the performance would just be a one-time occurrence.

However, this was not the case. The group performed at the Alpine Valley Music Theater in East Troy, Wisconsin, for their first performance not at a festival in seven years. The ensemble did seven further performances in 2007.

Then, as part of the Big Day Out Festival in Australia and New Zealand in January 2008, they made their overseas debut. They gave performances at the Reading and Leeds Festival in England and the T in the Park Festival in Scotland during the summer of 2008.

Tim Commerford

The group kept on touring, headlining several major festivals in Europe and the U.S., including Lollapalooza in Chicago. The band also performed in 2008 at the Democratic and Republican National Conventions in Denver, Colorado, and St. Paul, Minnesota, respectively. Around 2011, people saw them perform at their most recent concert at The Coliseum in Los Angeles.

Future User, Wakrat and 7D7D (2014–present)

Provocative band Future User came into existence because of Commerford, Jordan Tarlow (keys), Jon Knox (drums), and producer Brendan O’Brien (guitars). He sings for the band and plays bass. Before revealing his identity in the “Mountain Lion” music video, Tim Commerford spent several months hiding behind the S.W.I.M. persona in the earlier music videos.

Tennis player John McEnroe waterboarded himself in the band’s debut music video. In the “Mountain Lion” video, Commerford plays a skateboarding Commerford who seems to pump himself with steroids. Lance Armstrong, a personal friend and road racing cyclist is also featured.


He started the “punk and hardcore-influenced band” Wakrat in 2015. Guitarist Laurent Grangeon and percussionist Mathias Wakrat are also members of the group. In September 2015, the group released their first single, “Knucklehead.” Tim Commerford started the 7D7D project in 2022, along with Mathias Wakrat and Jonny Polonsky. In November, the group released “Capitalism,” their debut song.

Tim Commerford’s other contributions

Commerford and drummer Brad Wilk contributed to the song; “Momma Sed” from Maynard James Keenan’s album “V” Is for Vagina and side project Puscifer. Both contributed to the making of the song “Time Slowing Down” from Dave Grohl’s 2013 Sound City soundtrack. Commerford was included in the documentary Rush: Beyond the Lighted Stage in 2010 and interviewed for the same.

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