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Sister Wives Kody And Janelle Separated: Everything you need to know

The one and only reality show that features polygamy, where a man named Kody gets legally married to a woman named Meri and then spiritually marries two women, Robyn, Jenelle, and Christine. Sister Wives depicts the lives of these five, including their 18 children.

Currently, my sister’s wives are in their 17th season, and throughout all these seasons, Kody and his wives have gone through a lot of hurdles. Some resolved, while some led them to make tough decisions.

In this way, Christine, Kody’s spiritually married wife, and Mari, the legally married wife, parted ways with Kody, and currently, the news is surfaced that even Jenelle has separated from Kody.

Kody and Jenelle Separation: The Shocking News

Sister Wives was first aired in the year 2010 on TLC. Being the unique reality show that features the polygamic life of one husband and four wives, received so much love from fans. The hurdles that this big family goes through, how they manage to do their daily chores, and how they take the most important life decisions are depicted in a much more realistic manner.

As all the wives and the only husband have different behaviors to act under different conditions, arguments between the wives and the husband are obvious, and when the argument reaches its peak, they may take the toughest decision to leave each other. Currently, Sister Wives is in its 17th season, and episode 15 is scheduled to release on December 18.

Cody and Jenelle - Sister Wives

Cody and Jenelle from TLC’s Sister Wives

Kody and Jenelle’s breakup was made clear in the teaser for the upcoming episode, and they opened up to the host, Sukanya Krishnan, in a heartfelt interview. Because only a teaser has been released, fans will learn the reasons for their split only on Sunday, when the episode airs.

However, we can suspect why they got separated. It all started in the Covid 19 crisis when Kody was quarantined with his legally married wife, Robyn. He couldn’t go out to see Jenelle and their six children for a very long time, and this caused tension in their relationship.

Additionally, Jenelle, when she felt some symptoms of Covid 19, couldn’t bear Kody’s strenuous restriction regarding disinfection and hygiene. She said that Kody was acting like Jenelle was a Covid denier. She further said that she followed all the CDC rules, wore a mask, properly washed off her hands, and was very careful and claimed that she was not a covid denier.

In the teaser of the upcoming episode, Kody expressed that Jenelle made it pretty clear that she is happily living her life without him, and even Jenelle confessed that she and Kody had been separated for several months.

Christine, Kody’s ex-wife, also expressed her views on Kody and Jenelle getting separated. She said that Jenelle was frustrated and hurt, and Kody, the man Jenelle married, was different from her. Jenelle was married to Kody in the year 1992 and even shared six children named Logan, Madison, Hunter, Garrison, Gabriel, and Savannah.

Why did Kody divorced two of his wives – Mary and Christine?

Before legally marrying Robyn, Kody was legally married to Mary, his first wife. But the relationship between Kody and her started to crumble when Meri was found to be in a relationship with an unknown man online. Later, it was discovered that the man whom she was in a relationship with was actually a woman.

Later Kody and Meri tried to fix things as they even went for therapy, but things did not work out, leading them to get legally divorced. After separating ways with Meri, Kody legally married Robyn, while Christine and Jenelle remained to be his spiritual wives.

Sister Wives Family

Sister Wives whole Family – Kody with his four wives and his children

Later Christine claimed that after spending two to three difficult years, she took a decision to get separated from Kody. Kody seemed unhappy with her decision to part ways with him, but he happily said that they would always be committed parents to their children.

Currently, even Jenelle is separated from Kody, so now, only Robyn, to whom Kody is legally married, is not separated from him. Christine and Jenelle did not have to face any legal formalities while divorcing because they were spiritually married to Kody, not legally.

Jenelle and Kody’s breakup episode is going to air on December 18, Sunday and fans are eager to know what intriguing justifications both of them are going to give to their fans and host Sukanya Krishnan.

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