Who Is Sam Elliott Married To? Everything You Need To Know About Katharine Ross

If you are wondering what the current relationship status of the very famous American actor is, is he dating someone new or not, then you do not have to look any further. This article will cover all the details about Sam’s past and present partners and relationships.

Sam Elliott is a very popular and famous actor in the American entertainment industry. He belongs to American citizenship. He is the son of Glynn Mamie, his mother, and Henry Nelson Elliott, his father. His mother worked as a high school teacher. She was also a physical training instructor. On the other hand, his father worked for the Department of the Interior. He was a predator control specialist there.

Sam Elliott and Katharine Ross Married
Sam Elliott (Credits: VALERIE MACON/GETTY)

He started his career in the American entertainment industry at a very young age. In his teenage, he began as a character actor, and he was doing mainly side roles in various projects. But he was not properly credited for those roles.

Finally, he worked in Judd for the Defense, in which he played the role of Dan Kenyon. This show is an American drama that focuses on the legal side more. And Sam appeared in the episode titled “The Crystal Maze.” He also appeared in another American television show named Lancer in the same year when he was featured in Judd for the Defense.

He was featured in the episode titled “Death Bait,” and he portrayed the character of Renslo. For his brilliant performances as an actor throughout his career, he has been nominated for many awards, which is a big feat for any actor at any age.

Is Sam Elliot Married To Katharine Ross?

The short answer is, Yes! They are, in fact, married to each other. They first met each other in the year 1978. But they decided to get married after some years of their first meeting. They certainly took their sweet time before deciding to tie the knot in the year 1984, six years after their initial meeting.

Sam Elliott and Katharine Ross Married
Sam Elliott and Katharine Ross together (Credits: Joe Scarnici)

They first met during a shooting of a horror movie named The Legacy. They were both present at the set of the film, and it is where they met for the first time. You might want to know that the movie was shot in London, England, and London can be quite romantic from time to time.

But there is also an interesting fact about this. Surely this was the first time they properly met each other. But Sam confessed that he had seen Ross before while he was portraying the role of a side character in the movie named Butch Cassidy.

But he was too much frightened and shy to meet her in person. Sam also said that he was just playing the role of a mere side character, but she was the leading actress in the film, which made the situation more difficult for him.

Sam Elliott and Katharine Ross Married
Sam Elliott and Katharine Ross with their daughter (Credits: The LIFE Picture Collection)

After many years of dating each other, this amazing couple decided that it was time to take things to the next level. Then as per their plan, they finally decided to marry each other in the year 1984. Then in the same year itself, they were blessed with a baby girl, and they named her Cleo Rose.

They were even titled “Hollywood’s Sexiest Couple” by Playgirl magazine. This can show how great of a deal their relationship was back in the day. They were already very established in their careers before they met each other and started dating. But they got more fame after being revealed as a couple. They set the standard of being a star couple in Hollywood.

Sam and Katharine’s Dating History

Before Sam and Kathrine met each other, they had been involved in relationships with other people. The only confirmed relationship of Sam Elliott before Kathrine is with Barbra Streisand. As for Katharine, things change a bit, as she was involved in multiple relationships before Sam.

Kathrine Ross was married four times before he met and married Sam Elliott. It was her fifth marriage with Sam. Before him, she was married to Gaetano Lisi, but they called off the marriage in 1979. Then she married Conrad L. Hall, which was also called off after five years of marriage in 1974.

Then she married John Marion, but for only three years. They split up in 1967, and Ross again married another American actor Joel Fabiani. They were married for merely two years before they decided to split up in 1962.

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