Who Is Leo Sayer Partner? Everything You Need To Know

Leo Sayer is a popular pop singer who has been part of the music industry for almost five decades. Leo is an English Australian Citizen. Leo was most popular in the 1970s and 1980s. He released many hit albums during those years. His best-selling single – When I Need You, has been loved forever. Leo used to co-write songs initially.

Leo has been part of many shows too. His famed appearance includes his stint in Celebrity Big Brother 2007. All his singles attained immense popularity. Some of the popular ones include One Man Band, Long Tall Glasses and
Moonlighting. Leo was famous for dressing in weird costumes and performing. He once wore a clown costume and performed in front of a live audience.

Leo Sayer Love Life

Fans are curious about Leo’s love life. How many relationships did he pursue? Is he still married or not? Well, we will be throwing the spotlight on all this. Leo always had ups and downs in his love life. But he was not involved in too many romantic relationships.

Leo married Janice in 1973. Both met each other during a program. They instantly developed a liking for each other and then decided to marry. Their relationship wasn’t much talked about. Leo was busy climbing the ladder to success; hence he would always remain busy with his work. Cracks started developing in their relationship. Media had started speculating about their breakup.

Finally, in 1985 both took a divorce. Leo stated in an interview that the couple was facing compatibility issues, and at one point, they both decided to let go of the burden of the marriage. No wonder Leo never remarried, as the divorce affected him deeply.

leo sayer first wife
Leo and Janice

Leo Sayer Career 

Leo attained fame with his single The Show Must Go On. This single, released in 1973, topped the music charts. He gained lots of love. He then started co-writing his songs. He co-wrote several songs, including his own. His career started to strengthen as he started working hard to release more singles.

And by the 1970’s he gained international fame as his singles and albums became major hits in many countries. People started recognizing him. His dominance continued in the 1980s. His singles Orchard Road and More I Say were smashing hits.

But at the same time, this was an emotionally challenging period for him as he and his wife were facing major issues in their relationship. Ultimately they took a divorce. Leo was no doubt affected by the divorce, but he did not let this affect his career as he kept on releasing successful singles as well as albums. Leo had no children from his marriage.

Did Leo Sayer Remarry? 

Later he got into a relationship with Donatella Piccinetti. He was also his manager. Donatella and Leo were frequently spotted together at many events. After living in the UK for decades, he decided to move to Australia with Donatella.

Both spent a lot of time together. Donatella revealed that the lockdown had affected both of them, and Sayer was feeling depressed. But they both stayed together and strengthened their bond during the lockdown period. Donatella is from Italy.

are leo and donatella still together
Leo and Donatella’s relationship is full of ups and downs.

But their relationship, too, suffered setbacks. And at one point, they almost parted ways, but it was not confirmed. When Donatella was asked about the spilt, she said that they were indeed living separately, but they were still together professionally.

Donatella and Leo lived together for several years, but they did not marry. In an interview, Leo stated that it was a mutual decision not to marry. They both felt that marriage was nothing but a burden. Leo and Donatella lived city life as they were settled in Syndey for almost a decade.

But Leo desired to live in peace in the countryside. Hence they both left Syndey to move to the Southern Highlands area. Leo hunted for suitable accommodation and finally found one.

leo sayer latest update

Where Is Leo Sayer These Days?

Leo is spending his time in Australia these days. A few years ago, he got the prestigious title of ambassador of the Canberra Hospital Foundation. As of 2022 has not remarried. Though he and Donatella separated, they still worked together. Donatella and Leo frequently spend time together. Leo lives in New South Wales. His last album was released in 2019, titled Selfie.

Leo has many health issues. But he never let them interfere with his profession. Leo is a dyslexic. Leo got severe injuries when he fell down from the stage during a concert. Also, Leo has a family of cancer. So he goes for frequent checkups to ensure that his health is perfect.

Leo Sayer’s Net Worth

Leo Sayer has a net worth of around $5 million. He managed to earn this amount due to his super successful music career. His albums and singles would rock the charts. Also, he did many concerts and stage shows throughout his career. He owns properties both in UK and Australia.