All You Need To Know About Popular Dutch Actress Tina De Bruin Partner

Tina De Bruin is a popular actress who has made a name for herself in the Dutch industry. She starred in Gooische Vrouwen. This movie, released in 2011, is based on a TV series of the same name. It follows the journey of 4 girls who are dealing with relationship woes. In 2014 Tina did another movie titled Toen Was Geluk Heel Gewoon. It was also inspired by a television series.

Tina remained inactive during the following years. Tina was dealing with some personal issues and decided to take a short break in order to rejuvenate her mind. Finally, after a long gap, she decided to make a comeback. Tina ventured into the television industry as she was roped in for Kees & Co.

The popular series was airing its second season, and the main lead, Chantal Janzen, could no longer continue to be part of the series due to prior commitments. Hence Tina got the chance to act in the television series. Tina’s role was appreciated. The fact that she managed to impress viewers after taking a long break was commendable.

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Tina De Bruin Comeback

Tina had been away from acting for a long. But once she made her comeback, she decided to make the most out of it. Soon she decided to join  Wie is de Mol? This is one of the most popular Dutch reality shows.

In it, the contestants go to a foreign country and complete certain tasks. Out of all the contestants, there’s one mole. Others need to find the mole. The show has been airing for years, and Tina did really well on the show.

The audience loved watching her, so she was roped in to be a part of a special edition of the same show-  Wie is de Mol? Renaissance. The year 2020 was quite eventful for her as she bagged multiple projects. After wrapping up reality shows, she went back to the movies.

She was part of a children’s film De Grote Slijmfilm and also its sequel, released in 2021. Talking about the current year, she was part of the film Costa. The movie was a hit and even went on to win a Golden Film award. Tina’s acting was appreciated and adored by both public and the critics. She also did a musical comedy as well participated in a game show titled Het Perfecte Plaatje.

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Tina de Bruin is currently married to Vincent Croiset. Both are of Dutch origin and are popular actors. There isn’t much age gap between the two, as Tina is 46 while Vincent is 50. They both have been together since 2015. Now how did Tina and Vincent meet each other? How did their love blossom? Well, we will be divulging details about their love story, which would be quite interesting for our readers to know.

Tina de Bruin’s Love Story 

Tina and Vincent crossed each other’s paths at the Amsterdam Theater School. Both were part of it and instantly developed a liking for each other. They worked as colleagues for a long time and got to know each other very well. But their relationship did not get any wings as both were already committed. And they did not want to commit adultery, so they decided to wait to see how things would shape up in the future.

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Vincent was married and even had three sons. But his wife got romantically involved with another actor. It led to their divorce in 2014. But this was a blessing in disguise for Vincent as it paved the way for Vincent and Tina’s romance.

Vincent mentioned in an interview that the divorce completely shattered him. He had invested a lot in his wife, and the betrayal was shocking. Their divorce was widely published and reported by the media.

He took some time to get over the divorce, and a year later, Vincent and Tina announced their relationship publically. In 2017 they became parents to a boy whom they named Teddy. Both have always spoken positively about each other in front of the media.

Vincent believes that Tina’s entry into his life helped him become stable and gather strength. According to Vincent, Tina is someone who is very upfront. If she doesn’t like something, she will directly state it without any sugar coating. Sometimes this can feel annoying, but he is proud that Tina is so gutsy.


Tina also has only appreciation and applause for Vincent. She says that their relationship is extremely balanced, and their love will only continue to grow with time. Right now, Vincent and Tina are enjoying their parenthood. The couple frequently posts cute pictures of their love life and parenthood on Instagram.