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What Happened to Rich Campbell? One True King Co-Founder In Serious Trouble As Allegations Surface

If we talk about popular Twitch streamers, then Rich Campbell’s name always features. This guy, who is the co-founder of One True King, has a good fan following. He has been handling OTK since 2020. But Campbell, who holds a net worth of $1 million, is right now involved in a major controversy.

The Internet is buzzing with the latest accusations on popular streamer Rich Campbell. The 25-year-old boy is facing serious allegations of sexual misconduct and inappropriate behavior. So what is this whole saga? Who has put these serious allegations on Campbell? How are fans reacting to this news? We look into all in this article.

rich campbell twitch

What Really Happened to Rich Campbell?

Basically, it all started on December 16. A Twitch streamer who goes by the name Azalia Lexi made some shocking revelations. She posted a lengthy message where she blamed Campbell for some serious misconduct. She revealed that Campbell sexually exploited her. Both were friends initially, which soon blossomed into love. Their relationship lasted for almost four years. It was in 2019 when Campbell started forcing her to get intimate with him.

rich campbell girlfriend

Azalia has claimed that Campbell mentally and emotionally manipulated her by constant nagging and gaslighting. He made many fake promises and kept on fooling her by claiming that he cared for her. Campbell was already in another relationship. She got to know this in 2021 but decided to forgive him due to her respect for the bond they shared.

Campbell started forcing and manipulating her to meet on a few more occasions, and He would keep on persuading her to visit his Texas home in 2021. Despite Azelia’s reluctance and refusal, he kept on asking her to meet him in his hotel room in Los Angeles.

The influencer refused it clearly on both occasions, as she was convinced that his motive was to get intimate with her. He was growing desperate to indulge in a sexual relationship. Azelia further wrote that she started avoiding him completely as she was now aware of his motives. But he was not ready to step back

He called her to his New York flat. He started making sexual advances toward her when she went to meet her. Initially, both were at a movie theatre, but Campbell started forcing her to move to his room. He told her not to worry as he had all respect for her.

who is rich campbell dating

Azalia’s tweet

Azalia was not sure what to do, but Campbell was someone who had the ability to manipulate anyone through his words. So Azalia headed towards his room. Now, this is where things went haywire. Campbell, who had earlier assured her that he wouldn’t cross any limits, started making her uncomfortable. He removed his clothing and even tried to remove Azalia’s clothes. Later, he tried to sexually assault Azalia and then asked her to get out of his room.

Azalia felt distraught and said that she was clueless as to what to do next. She had to look for a hotel at 3 am and stayed there for the night. The incident left her shaken, and she cut off all her ties with Campbell following the traumatic night.

Apart from the above Twitlonger, she has also posted chats between her and Campbell that are from the horror night. In these chats, it is clear that  Campbell is asking Azalia to come to his apartment, specifically the movie theatre, where both could spend a great time together.

Has Rich Campbell Issued Any Statement?

Azalia lexi and campbell

Campbell issued a statement on Twitter.

These revelations caused an immense buzz. Campbell, who’s the founder of One True king, resigned from his position. He has not issued any statement yet. He just posted a tweet that he is aware of all the allegations that have surfaced against him.

He will surely present his side of the story too. But for that, he needs some time to collect his thoughts. OTK asked him to resign from the position for the time being. He has humbly accepted their request and will not be part of OTK for some time.

OTK has issued a statement stating that they were taking all these allegations seriously and they are firm against sexual harassment. Hence they asked Campbell to resign till everything was clear.

rich campbell scandal

Fan Reactions Over Rich Campbell Scandal

OKT has a very loyal fanbase, and they have been left stunned and angry due to this scandal. Campbell’s actions and statements are both getting hatred from fans. Most are of the opinion that he now needs to accept his wrongdoing. But some do feel that without proper investigation, they would avoid taking any sides as these all are allegations only.

Campbell’s tweet on pregnant fetish is also getting viral. Fans of OTK are disheartened and sending their support to other OTK members and hope that they will be able to handle this crisis. Two key members of OTK- Esfand and Asmongold, haven’t spoken about this. They just retweeted OTK’s statement.

Well, it’s surely a tough time for both OTK and Rich Campbell. We hope the truth is unraveled so that the victim party can get justice and OTK can recover from this setback.

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