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Is Gerald Cotten Really Dead In Actual Life?

Gerald Cotten feature

Born on 11 May 1988, Gerald Cotton is one of the most famous and very talented Businessmen. He is the one who was born in Belleville, Ontario, and he also the one who used to live in the same place that too before attending the Schulich School of Business.

Gerald was the one whose school was eventually at York University in Toronto. Later, in the year 2010, Gerald was the one who completed his graduation from York that too with a bachelor of business administration.

Also, Gerald Cotten was the one who studied and learned something about Bitcoin in Toronto and later traveled to Vancouver, British Columbia. So, this is the place where he eventually founded Quadriga in the month of November 2013 that too with Michael Patryn.

Initially, Quadriga, which was usually founded by Gerald Cotten, used to accept or do only local trades, but after some time, their online exchange was usually launched after the first month successfully. Later, the second bitcoin ATM was installed by him in Vancouver that too in the month of January 2014.

On Quadriga in the year 2014, only C$7.4-million worth of bitcoin were exchanged and traded. Later, the company eventually tried to raise funds and list on the Canadian Securities Exchange that is CSE that too working with Patryn.

Eventually, by this, the company raised C$850,000 but somehow canceled all the plans to list on an exchange that too in early 2016. Nearly in the year 2017, we all know that Bitcoin usually experienced a speculative frenzy by rising in price from about US$1,000 to almost US$20,000.

So, almost bitcoin exchanged and traded on Quadriga was C$1.2 billion. This is something that is a huge amount. Later, this was the company that eventually made an increase in commissions, and this is also sometimes caused due to cash-flow problems.

Is Gerald Cotten Dead?

This is the section that is usually one of the most important and informational sections of the whole article. The below paragraphs usually answer the above-mentioned question on the topic. Most people don’t know about Gerald Cotten’s death. Keep reading down, and you will eventually know the exact reason for his death.

So, we all were never expecting Gerald Cotten, who is considered the CEO of the Canadian Bitcoin exchange and the name of his company Quadriga, to die just at the age of 30. Yes, Gerald Cotten is no more, and he was the one who died at the age of 30.

He was considered one of the most energetic, young, and passionate compared to all his family members. He was also the one who was very passionate about cryptocurrency. There were many reasons for the cause of his death, and that too will eventually be discussed in the below paragraphs, so keep reading.

You are going great! At the time when he died, it was like a mystery, and he was the one who eventually passed away in the month of December 2018. This was the time when he was on his honeymoon that too in India, and he died just because of the various complications from Crohn’s disease that he already was affected with.

As this was such a very big and shocking mystery, Gerald’s death was eventually put to rest till Nathan VanderKlippe, who is considered one of the best journalists in Canada that too at Globe and Mail, traveled to Jaipur, India just to investigate the case of Gerald’s death first.

Later, Nathan was also the one who eventually published many articles and essays on account of Gerald’s final days. His days eventually began when he was the one who arrived at one of the most luxurious resorts named Oberoi Raj-Vilas. This is a resort that is completely a palatial hotel that is complete with resident peacocks.

Gerald Cotten didn’t get any time to enjoy themselves with his wife in that resort as he was not feeling since the last 24 hours, and there was not a single clue that he would be dead that too within 24 hours.

Also, according to some reports and records, before the couple arrived at Jaipur, India, Gerald, along with Robertson already traveled to some of India’s biggest and the very popular travel destinations. Some of the destinations that they traveled to usually included the Taj Mahal and Varanasi.

No more reasons for the cause of his death are known still, and one of the reasons was due to some complications that he had just because of Crohn’s disease. Let us all pray and give condolences to one of the most popular and very passionate businessmen, Gerald Cotten. We always pray for his family to be happy and strong!

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