What Do We Know About Franco Harris Wife?

Franco Harris Wife

At age 72, Franco Harris, a famous running back for the Pittsburgh Steelers, died. The hall-of-fame running back is credited with inventing the “Immaculate Reception,” which is regarded as the NFL’s most well-liked move. Harris’ private life was rather discreet, given his illustrious professional life.

The Associated Press received the news of his passing away from his relatives. It seems Harris passed away overnight. The reason for death was officially unknown to the family, nevertheless. Here are the details regarding Franco Harri’s wife, career details, net worth, and more.

What Do We Know About Franco Harris?

At the point of his passing, Franco Harris, an American football player, had a $3 million fortune. In March 1950, Franco Harris was conceived in Fort Dix, New Jersey. On December 21, 2022, he passed away at the age of 72.

Franco Harris Wife
Franco Harris received The Immaculate Reception.

With the Pittsburgh Steelers, Franco won four Super Bowls, but he is most famous for “The Immaculate Reception,” something many people believe to be the greatest catch in NFL history and possibly the greatest play ever.

Only three days remained until the catch’s 50th anniversary when Franco passed away. His number 32 was going to be retired by the Steelers at halftime of their game the day following the anniversary.

Harris, a fullback who went to Rancocas Valley Regional High School, was a fullback. In 1970, he led the Penn State University squad in scoring while he was a player. In the 1972 NFL Draft, the Pittsburgh Steelers selected Harris as pick number thirteen.

Franco Harris Wife
Franco Harris

Prior to completing his journey with the Seattle Seahawks in 1984, he did play for the Steelers from 1972 to 1983. Harris won the Super Bowl MVP award and was a four-time Super Bowl champion throughout his career.

He was chosen for the Pro Bowl nine times, and in 1977, he was named to the All-Pro First Team. In 1972 and 1975, he was named to the All-Pro Second Team. In 1972, he won both the AFC Rookie of the Year and the NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year awards.

Who Is Franco Harris’s Wife?

These days, people are quite curious to learn about the personal life of their favorite celebrities. Franco Harris’ wife is among the keywords, as can be seen on the list. His followers were curious as to whether or not he was seeing someone or cohabitating.

The Associated Press was informed about his father’s passing by Dok, despite the fact that he did not. They didn’t make any public statements, despite Dok telling the media, according to their relatives.

Franco Harris Wife
Franco Harris with wife and son

Dok, in an unusual turn of events, ran for Pittsburgh mayor in 2009. Receiving 25% of the vote, he obtained the runner-up position. Harris, a prominent running back in the NFL from Fort Dix, New Jersey, spent four years as a student at Penn State University.

Regarding his personal life, Franco Harris kept a fairly low profile. Contrary to more recent and youthful NFL players, Harris’ social media presence was confined to business and events, hardly capturing intimate family moments.

Even after he began dating Dakmanovish, Harris’ prior relationships are not well-documented. However, his wife is referred to as a “longtime sweetheart” on IMBD’s trivia webpage about the celebrity. The two appear to have corresponded for a certain time before getting married, given Harris’ 13 NFL seasons.

Franco Harris Wife
Franco Harris, with his family, brings back the early vintage era

Dokmanovich hasn’t even made an official statement regarding the loss of the NFL legend. They may have dated for some time before being married, even if there aren’t enough details available about either their wedding or engagement.

Everything You Need To Know About Dana Dokmanovich

Franco Harris wed a woman named Dana Dokmanovich. The two are claimed to have met in college, fallen in love, and have been dating ever since. Additionally to Franco Harris, Dana Dokmanovich attended Penn State University.

Dana Dokmanovich’s ancestors are from Serbia; according to Blount Jr., Her memories of her life in Europe were limited because she had immigrated to the United States as a young child.

Franco Harris Wife
Everything You Need To Know About Dana Dokmanovich

Dana’s mother, Bess Dokmanovich, resided in Pittsburgh with Dana, her spouse, and her child, Dok. While serving as his secretary, she claims to be “Franco’s mother-in-law.” Franco Harris became a parent in 1979, 7 years into his tenure with the Steelers.

“Dok,” the son of Dana Dokmanovich and Franco Dokmanovich Harris, was born. Dok made the decision to pursue a career outside of sports, concentrating on research, inventions, and politics. Dok gained notoriety as an inventor, radio host, and businessman by the latter part of his 20s.