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Who Is Fredrik Strage Partner? Know About His Age, Family & Net Worth

Fredrick Strage, an established journalist and author. Hemma Hos Strage, a podcast, is also hosted by him. The majority of the time, he discusses pop culture with musicians. Linda Leopold has been Fredrik Strage’s longtime partner and wife, and he is pleased to marry her.

They have two children and have been married for a very long period. Sydney’s capital, Stockholm, is where the couple currently resides. Linda is an accomplished author, speaker, and business expert. She stuck with Fredrik Strage through thick and thin.

Moreover, she knows him better than anyone. Unfortunately, the journalist doesn’t discuss his family much since he prefers to keep them private. Additionally, he has yet to share many images with them on social media.

Who is Fredrik Strage Partner?

Fredrik Strage’s partner Linda Leopold was born in 1979. Leopold is a well-known Swedish author and executive in the artificial intelligence industry. Linda leads the H&M group’s Responsible AI & Data division, which sells clothing internationally.

Fredrik Strage

She has written two non-fiction books and served as editor-in-chief of the Fashion and Culture Magazine in the past. In addition, she has published articles in numerous newspapers and journals. Linda is a frequent public speaker who aims to meld science and technology with fashion and culture.

She frequently speaks in public on AI and ethics, but her true love is fusing fashion, culture, science, and technology. Her critically acclaimed debut book Fag hag, which explores the tight relationship between straight women and homosexual men, was released in 2007.

However, the World’s Smartest: The High IQ Societies from the Inside, published in 2013, was the book that came after it. Here, she invites the readers to private Mensa gatherings and recounts the beautiful lives of those with the highest IQ scores in the world.

His wife Linda Leopold and their children, a boy and a daughter, live together. She talks to eminent psychologists and experts in the field of intelligence study while retracing the development of IQ tests. To make reading both an emotional and intellectual experience, Linda Leopold combines personal experiences with science in her writing.

Fredrik Strage, who is he?

Fredrik Strage

On December 22, 1972, Fredrik Strage came into this world. He was born in Sweden. He is a Swedish writer and journalist who frequently wrote about pop culture. He began writing professionally in 1990 for the Swedish fanzine New Life.

Dagens Nyheter, Pop, Bibel, Billboard, Cafe, and Sonic are among the publications he has written. In 2003, Strage provided a piece for Belinda Olsson’s collection De missanpassade. In 2016, Fredrik Strage launched the Hemma hos Strage podcast, where he welcomes musicians to his house and encourages them to discuss their favorite songs.

The Net Worth of Fredrik Strage

Fredrik Strage

Fredrik Strage has a good fortune. Reports claim that Fredrik is worth around $1.5 million as of 2022. The author has experience of more than 30 years in the field of journalism and entertainment. The multi-talented journalist earns money in various ways.

Most of his income comes from podcasts, Patreon, writings on music, and brand endorsements. The most famous Swedish music podcast is reportedly Hemma Hos Strage. It features humorous anecdotes and song advice from well-known figures, including Slipknot and Michael Stipe.

He has received many honors over his career in addition to money. For example, he was awarded the Nojesguidens Pris in 2001 for “The Best Book of The Year” and the Stora Journalist priest for the year’s most creative journalist in 2008.

Know about the Age & Family of Fredrik Strage

In 1972, Fredrik Strage came into this world on December 22. In 2022, Fredrik will be 49 years old. Strage was born in a city in Sweden, which is Linkoping. He is also a citizen of that country. Indrid Strage is her son’s mother.

Fredrik has yet to mention his father in any way. His family consists of his spouse, Linda Leopold, son, and daughter. The 49-year-old started his writing career at the beginning of the 1990s for the Swedish fanzine New Life. 

He formerly worked for Swedish publications such as Bibel, Pop, and Cafe. He began hosting and running the Hemma hos Strage podcast in 2016. On this talk show, Fredrik welcomes musicians to his place for coffee and a discussion about music.

The most famous Swedish music podcast is reportedly Hemma Hos Strage. It features humorous anecdotes and musical advice from well-known figures, including Slipknot and Michael Stipe.

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