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Are Ironmouse and Connor Colqhoun Currently Dating?

CDwagVA and ironmouse
CDwagVA and ironmouse ((Credit: Rusian X VTuber Enthusiast)

Want to know if your favorite YouTubers, Gamers, and streamers, Ironmouse and Connor, are dating? Then read till the end.

Ironmouse and Connor’s collaboration live streams are part of the routine of many fans now. Ironmouse’s cute voice with Connor’s humor is what makes their streams so special and unique to any other live streamers.

Fans who never miss any of their videos have already started shipping them, but is it true if they are really dating? Even we are as curious as you are! So, let us get to know the truth behind Ironmouse and Connor’s amazing chemistry. But before we begin, here are some details on their career and personal lives.

Who is Ironmouse?

The girl who was aspiring to be an opera singer when she got severely sick by a disease called common variable immunodeficiency started her career as a V-Tuber. Currently, Ironmouse is the world’s favorite V-tuber who has a huge fan following on Twitch.

Ironmouse is originally from Puerto Rico. Ironmouse’s cute voice was first underestimated by a lot of her fans because they believed that she was using a voice changer to manipulate her voice, but everyone was baffled when she revealed that it was her real voice.


Twitch Sensation Ironmouse

She once stated that because of her disease, she was totally bedridden and feeling lonely, and that was the time she decided to start her career as a V-tuber.

Ironmouse likes chatting with her fans. However, she never revealed her face. Whenever she comes live, she uses an anime girl’s appearance, a digital avatar, as her identity. Ironmouse has not even revealed the most personal details of her life, such as her age and her current location.

She likes keeping her identity discreet, and that is what makes her streams and videos intriguing. Ironmouse started her career back in 2017, and her fan following never decreased.

Who is Connor Marc Colqhoun?

Connor, Aka CDwagVA, is a Welsh YouTuber and voice actor currently pursuing a voice acting career in Tokyo. Connor started his YouTube career way back in 2014 and currently has a huge fan following.

Connor has a great interest in Anime and Otaku culture, and ever since he moved to Japan, he has worked very hard to represent Anime, manga, otaku, and the whole Japanese culture to the world. His huge fanbase always supported him, and that led him toward his career success.


You Tuber and Voice Actor CDwagVA

Connor has worked as a narrator, host, and voice actor for various Anime and anime-related platforms. He is currently 26 years old, and enticing is his huge Twitch and YouTube fanbase on a daily basis.

Are Ironmouse and Connor Dating?

When a fan asked Ironmouse, “How long since you have been dating Connor?” she laughed for a minute and said, “Never!!!”

Many Ironmouse and Connor fans have been wondering whether or not they are dating, so whenever they are questioned, they always take it as a joke and let it slide. However, every one of their admirers thinks that they get along well. The way they interact and sarcastically tease one another justifies how they are so into one another, but are they truly simply close friends, or is there something more going on?

Well, no one knows!

CDwagVA and ironmouse during Livestream

CDwagVA and Ironmouse during Livestream (Credit: Rusian X VTuber Enthusiast)

However, according to the fans, they only ship Ironmouse and Connor, but they never really acknowledge that they are dating. But one thing is for sure since they interact a lot in collaboration live streams, they have gotten close, and fans can see how amazing their chemistry is turning out to be.

Some fans even suspected that they were married. However, those are mere rumors, and until they do not confirm anything by themselves, fans should not consider them dating.

So, it is clear that Ironmouse and Connor are currently not dating because they never acknowledged the dating rumors.

Ironmouse and Connor understand and admire each other a lot, and their friendship is what makes their bond stronger and healthier. Even though they are not currently dating, we should not ignore the fact that fans can see how ideal their friendship is from the way they care for and support each other, as real best friends do.

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