Who Is Parker Schnabel Partner And Are They Married?

Parker Schnabel Partner

The American gold miner ‘Parker Schnabel’ is famous for starring in the reality television show Gold Rush. He was born in the year 1994, on July 22, in Alaska (Haines), to Nancy and Roger Schnabel. Later he joined his grandfather’s company, ‘Big Nugget,’ a mining company.

The fans are always curious to know about the personal and the dating life of the stars they follow. A similar goes with the fans of Gold Rush watchers as they want to know everything about Park Schnabel’s partner, career, and more, so here we have.

Who Is Park Schnabel’s Partner?

According to the resources, Park Schnabel was courting Ashley Youle. She is an Australian veterinary nurse and was seen along Park in one of the episodes of Gold Rush in Klondike. Anyhow the couple parted ways from each other in December 2018.

In the following year, that is, 2019, fans saw an Instagram post that was shared by Park along with his co-miner at Knickerbocker Glory and the assistant producer of the show ‘Brit Sheena Cowell.’ Although fans started speculating that she is her new love interest, they have not made anything public yet.

Parker Schnabel Partner
Parker Schnabel with Ashley Youle

Parker also met with Tyler Mahoney in Australia while he was on tour for the show. They had pretty good chemistry and a lot more in common. Tyler has a history with gold prospectors in Australia, and she was also fond of the gold nuggets.

The followers saw the bond between the two strong enough in a post shared by Tyler where she was checking the river for crocodiles that to being stripped down. It sure does feel that Parker has mined some really big gold for himself. She also shared a picture of them being messed up in the dirt due to digging up the gold.

Everything About Park Schnabel

Park Schnabel was born in Alaska in the year 1994. He was always infatuated with mining because of his grandfather’s mining company. Park said that he was operating the machinery from a very young age. He mined the gold around the age of 24, which was worths a total of $13 million dollars.

He was the star of the school and played basketball for the varsity team. He had the intention to run the family business, that’s why he has a keep interested in geology and mining. He followed his grandfather’s steps and took the operations of the company, and by the time he owned the mining company.

Parker Schnabel Partner
Parker Schnabel

There was double the total number of team members than of his age. He tapped down his funds for college and dropped the idea of going to college. Instead, he moved away to the territory of Yukon to explore new ventures in the field of mining.

He is obsessed with working hard and is addicted to work. He owns a beautiful house that is worth 950 thousand dollars in Alaska, which is full of modern tech and amenities. There was an incident where fans were grueling and angry with him as he shared the picture of his baby only to make a pun that he was a fur baby ‘dog.’

He appeared on a reality tv show Gold Rush which was presented by and aired on Discovery Channel in the year 2010. While he was in a mining operation, he found 1028 oz of gold in his first year. He then started his own spinoff of Gold Rush, known as the Parker’s Trail.

What Do We Know About Tyler Mahoney?

Tyler is also the star of Gold Rush, a gold digger, and an Australian prospector who was born in Australia (Kalgoorlie) on March 23, 1997. The rumors about the marriage between Park Schnabel and Tyler Mahoney started circulating once they were seen together on the show Gold Rush’s snipoff Parker’s Trail.

Parker Schnabel Partner
Parker Schnabel with Tyler Mahoney

But they both have not responded positively to the rumors about their marriage. They were completely focused on the finale of the reality show. When Parker was in search of potential territory for mining the gold, Tyler joined him as his henchman.

They are very professional regarding their work, and the reality is that they are just friends. There are not any pictures that actually indicate them being in a relationship or that they are married. The fans might be disappointed to know that Park Schnabel is not married and not even in a relationship with anyone as of now.