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Is Stacey Arthur Dead? Truth About Model’s Death Revealed

Stacey Arthur
Stacey Arthur

Where is Stacey Arthur? Is The Playboy Murders’ Stacey Arthur dead? Questions started arising about Stacey’s sudden disappearance. The Playboy Murders episode 2: All That Glitters has done nothing but add fuel to the already raging fire with its release in the year 2023 on January 23.

After the episode was released, people started wondering what happened with Stacey Arthur. By end of this article, you’ll get to know what exactly happened to her.

Stacy Leigh Arthur or Stacey Arthur was born in Naperville, Illinois, United States on June 4 in the year 1968 is an American Model. She was always interested in fashion and modeling and wanted to do something in this only.

In the year 1990, she participated in Mrs. America contest and won the Mrs. Ohio title. By the year 1990, Stacey was already married to James Alan Arthur and also had a kid. Later, in the year 1991, she won the Playmate of the month title while working for Playboy Magazine.

Arthur also worked for Playboy’s 900 call service for which she was paid $3 per minute. No one knows what will happen in the future, and no one can predict it, even though everyone wished to have this power. The same is the case with, Stacey. Her one call with James Lindberg changed her life.

Is Stacey Arthur Dead?

Stacey Arthur died in the year 2019, on April 5, at the age of fifty. Various sites mention the same. IMDb, a film website shows her death date as April 5th, 2019, so as Trading Card Database. The Playboy Murders, a show dealing with playboys and murders states the same in its second episode: All That Glitters. Apart from these, there is no news or photographs about her death.

Stacey Arthur

Stacey Arthur, credits: Okay Bliss

The lack of media coverage of her death gave reasons for people to believe that she is alive. People started to believe that it was just some random accusations due to the absence of legitimate records or announcements. Those reports state that she was ill and died because of it, though no details about her disease are enclosed, but if she’s dead, then did she genuinely die because of some disease?

Stacy filed a suit against Playboy when she claimed that she was raped by one of the staff members of Playboy and was fired for pressing charges and dragging them to court. After, this Stacey is nowhere to be found. Nobody has seen her ever since, giving one more reason why her death didn’t get any attention.

While this was happening, Stacey’s husband, James was shot dead by James Lindberg, the client with whom she talked on Playboy’s 900 calls. But, for now, let’s concentrate only on Stacey, we’ll discuss James later in the article.

Stacey Filed Charges Against Playboy and Her Last Public Appearance

Stacey Arthur was last seen on TV shows as a public figure in the year 1992, after which she pressed charges on Playboy and its staff and filed a lawsuit against them worth $70 million. In the suit, she claimed that she was sexually abused after being drugged by a butler and two guards of Playboy in their Los Angeles Mansion. However, the trio denied the accusations and said that it all happened with her consent.

We don’t know what happened with the suit, there were not enough shreds of evidence with Stacey to claim her accusations, for all we know her accusations could have been all false. But, what we know for sure is that the group of three was later fired by Playboy for having sex within office hours and also for not complying with the company’s rules and regulations.

How Did Stacey’s Husband James Died?

Stacey used to work for Playboy, as a Playboy 900 caller where she was $3 for every minute she spends on a call. One such call changed her life. James Alan Arthur was shot to death by James Lindberg, one of her callers who later became her fan maybe was jealous of James Arthur and became obsessed and her stalker and later decided to end her husband’s life.

On a fine October morning in the year 2021, James was getting into his car for some work but was suddenly shot to death by Lindberg who shot twice at him. When Arthur tried running to save his life, Limdberg again shooted twice while aiming for his back this time.

Neighbors reported to the police when they heard gunshots. By the time police arrived, Lindberg killed himself too by firing a bullet into himself. Police took him to the hospital and he died there, creating a mystery of why he did that.

Stacey Arthur

Stacey Arthur

Stacey’s life changed in a few months, specifically between 1991 October to 1992 February. Her husband’s death and her lawsuit, everything falls on her head at the same time, leaving her with a broken heart. With no job and no husband and with a kid to look after, Stacey had nowhere to go and she had no one to whom she could confine herself.

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