What is Kerry Washington’s Net Worth? How Much Scandal’s Star Earn?

Kerry Washington
Kerry Washington

American actress Kerry Marisa Washington rose to fame after starring in Scandal as Olivia Pope. For her portrayal as Olivia in an American political thriller show that was aired on ABC for the very first time on April 12, 2012, Kerry was nominated for Primetime Emmy Awards for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series.

Apart from, Scandal, which was a hit, she also starred in Confirmation, followed by Little Fires Everywhere. There’s no doubt that Kerry Washington has become a house name now. Everyone who loves to watch television with a lit bit of political twist will know who Kerry Washington is. She is taking the entertainment industry by storm with her amazing acting skills.

Kerry Washington is not only an excellent actor but also a producer and a director. She started her own production company, Simpson Street, and directed her work, SMILF, and Insecure.

Kerry Washington
Kerry Washington

She is one of the highest-paid actors in the television industry today. She was even listed on Forbes’ list due to her net worth, and her earnings have crossed all the boundaries a human mind could think of. Since the time she was listed in Forbes in 2016, her earnings have multiplied a lot. 

So the question arises here, what is Kerry Washington’s net worth? How much does the actress have to earn to be featured in Forbes’ highest-paid TV actor List? Let’s find out about Scandal’s actor’s net worth. Read the article below to know the details.

What is Kerry Washington’s Net Worth?

Kerry Washington, who starred in ABC political thriller drama, Scandal as Olivia Pope, was featured by Forbes in their 2016 Forbes edition under highest paid television personality. At that time, her net worth was around $13.5 million, but now according to Celebrity Net Worth, the figures have been multiples three times.

Kerry Washington had a net worth of $50 million at the time this article was written, cool isn’t it? She doesn’t only rely on her acting skills to earn a swooping amount of $30 million. Of course, she is best at what she does, but that doesn’t mean one should restrict them to that area of work only. The same is the case with Kerry.

Kerry Washington
Kerry Washington

Besides acting, she is also a producer and director. She has a production company name Simpson Street and has directed her work, SMILF, which is a sitcom that was aired on Showtime for the first time on November 5, 2017. The show has 2 seasons. She has also directed another series of the same genre, Insecure.

How Much Did She Earn From Scandal?

Kerry Washington’s role as Olivia Pope helped her to earn a majority of her wealth. She was earning a lot from the show. Scandal’s team was paying her $250,000 for every episode, and after, at the end of a season, she would have approximately $4.5 million in her hand.

The show had seven seasons, so one could only think how much she would have made from Scandal. There’s a reason why she is called one of the highest-paid actresses in the television industry.

How Much Did She Earn From Little Fires Everywhere

Little Fires Everywhere is an American drama based on the novel of the same name, which was written by Celeste Ng. The shows follow the lives of the Richardson Family. It covers various aspects such as individuality, the ferocious pull of motherhood, and the danger an individual can put himself into if he believes that going by the rules will prevent them from all disasters.

Kerry Washington
Kerry Washington

Kerry Washington was the executive producer of the show, apart from being the show’s main cast. Through the show, she gained a lot. She was being paid in millions per episode. Little Fires Everywhere team was giving her $1.1 million for each episode, and that the end of the season, her bank balance was very happy by getting $8 million.

How Much Did She Earn From Her Other Roles?

Kerry Washington is a successful actor who is starred in a lot of films such as Ray, which was released in 2004, Fantastic Four, and The Prom, which is a Netflix film. Her latest appearance was in the movie The School for Good and Evil, where she played the role of Professor Dovey. Watch the trailer of the film below.

How much did she earn from each is not known, but one could easily say that the amount she must have earned is not small and must have made her bank account reach a different level.