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How Did Led Zeppelin’s Drummer, John Bonham Die?

John Bonham
John Bonham

Rock band Led Zeppelin drummer John Henry Bonham was a legendary drummer of all time. He was one of the most influential drummers the musical industry has ever seen. But unfortunately, he had a short time span. Born in 1948 on May 31, his career started in 1962. Before he could achieve more on this planet, he had to say bye to all of his aspirations and dreams, and goals.

John Bonham was born in Redditch in Worcestershire in, England. He was a musician who held drumsticks for the first time at the age of 5 only. Five years later, he got a snare drum, and another 5 years later, he received his full drum set.

He is a legendary drummer. There’s no doubt about that. One can say this by listening to his songs. John produced some great songs such as Stairway to Heaven in 1971, Whole Lotta Love in 1969, Immigrant Song in 1970, Kashmir in 1975, and Black Dog in 1971. Rock and Roll, Since I’ve Been Loving You, Ramble On Going to California, Food in the Rain, and Good Times Bad Times are some of his songs. The list is unstoppable, and one can go forever if he starts talking about his songs.

Talking about his recognitions, he was recognized as one of the most important and well-known, and influential drummers of all time by AIIMusic. His posthumous recognition includes no. 1 on Classic Rock’s 2005 under the category of 50 Greatest Drummers of All Time, followed by being recognized as the greatest rock ‘n’ roll drummer in history by Modern Drummer.

John Bonham

John Bonham

Even though he is not physically present, he will always be alive in his fan’s hearts. For them, John Bonham was the best Drummer, is the best Drummer, and will always be the best Drummer. Period. You must be thinking about what happened to him. How did he die? Well, then, you are definitely at the right place. In this article, we are going to talk about his death’s reason only. So without any ado, let’s get this article started.

How Did John Bonham Die?

John Bonham was one of the most influential drummers in the history of the music industry. He was born on May 31, 1948, and approximately after 32 years, the news of his death came. He took his last breath on September 25, 1980, when he was thirty-two years old.

On September 25, 1980, he was found dead by his band, Led Zeppelin’s partner. He died because of inhalation of vomit. It is also known as Aspiration. In this, the body consumes a foreign substance or object that blocks a passage in the lungs. Usually, after coughing, the problem got solved, but in extreme cases, it can lead to death, like in the case of John Bonham.

Led Zeppelin had four members, Jimmy Page, Robert Plant, John Bonham, and John Paul Jones. They all four were rehearsing for their first musical tour to North America, which was due on October 17 and was going to take place in Canada. His ex-band member John Paul Jones and band’s manager Benje LeFevre discovered his body.

John Bonham

John Bonham

A day before his death, he was drinking for 12 straight hours. He started his drinking session at noon, and it lasted till the clock struck 12. He consumed a huge amount of vodka. Forty units of alcohol were found in his body, and according to medical advice, maximum intake should be limited to 3 to 4 units only. He had 4 times what was recommended in his body.

His assistant made him lie down on a couch for a comfortable sleep. When he was found in this posture by his band member and manager, they immediately called for an ambulance, but it was too late for that. Cops also made their presence at the scene, but they were left with empty hands only.

Led Zeppelin band member Robert Plant told that on the very last day of John’s life, as they all drove to the rehearsal, John wasn’t quite happy. On that ride, John said that he wasn’t playing any special. There were far better players than him, and he told Robert when that when they reached their destination, he would sing, and Robert would play the drums. Who would have known that it was their last journey with John Bonham?

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