Dominic West Wife Reflects About Their Love Affair: After Lily James Photo Scandal

dominic west wife
Dominic West Credits: Irish Mirror

Dominic West is an English actor, director, and musician. The actor was born on 15th October 1969 in England. From an early age, the actor was passionate about acting, so he decided to make his career in acting. West made his Television debut in 1998, through “Out Of Hours” cast by BBC medical drama.

This made him popular as per the new star rankings, and he was later selected by the BBC series as their star for the upcoming film “The Hour,” released between 2011-2012. The film was so much popular that the film was given a Golden Globe Award, and West was awarded for his excellent performance as a killer in “Appropriate Adult.” 

Currently, Dominic West is taking over the role of “Charles, Prince of Wales,” and the role he is playing on TV. Has the same complicated life as his personal life. As Dominic is currently married to Catherine FitzGerald, which was her girlfriend in her college days. But apart from this, the actor also dated Polly Astor, and from her, West got a daughter named Martha.

The actor has made his life complicated for himself as he is not making true relationships with anyone. So in this article, we will help you to know about his wife’s love story and her relationship with West.

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Who Exactly Is Catherine FitzGerald?

Catherine is from an Irish and British aristocratic family, which was previously known for its culture and royalty. Her father’s name is Desmond he holds the title of Knight of Glin. But sadly, Catherine doesn’t have any title just because she is not a boy,  so she is not allowed to hold any title as per his ancestors.

However, she grew up with her family in her royal castle in Ireland, where Catherine and West spent quality time today. Later on, she went to Dublin to attend Trinity College, and that was the first time when she got to meet her future husband while living together in a small room on campus.

Dominic West's wife Catherine FitzGerald.
Dominic West Credits: Us Weekly

And during an interview, she stated that “We had a wonderful love affair” in Dublin, and one of the most memorable times was reading poetry to each other from the top of the mountains. Playing with small pubs, walking through the canal holding each other’s hand.

But soon after the summer got ended, Catherine left him, which she admitted later. A couple of years after their first meeting, FitzGerald made her career as a landscape designer and became a wonderful designer. Some of Catherine’s projects include Hillsborough Castle, Holland Park Avenue, and also the gardens of her ancestral home.

In 1995, she got married to Edward Lambton, who belongs to the royal family of Durham. But sadly, their marriage didn’t last long, and they finally got divorced in 2002. And just after a few years, FitzGerald and West met each other through their mutual friend and got married in 2010. Now the couple happily lives in Ireland along with their four children.

Lily James Photo Scandal

FitzGerald was many times asked by the media about her husband’s photo with co-star Lily James kissing in Italy. But she always took the side of West and said that every relationship’s had it’s up and down phase. And always making your partner upset just without knowing the actual reason can hamper the relationship.

So it’s not our motive to bind our love with restrictions because it will look like a deal or contract but not love. So it’s important to know your partner’s situation rather than taking some wrong actions because an evil mind can easily ruin your life as well as your career.

Dominic West's wife Lily James.
Dominic West Credits: Metro

But a stable mind will always give you good suggestions both for your personal life and professional life. After this, the media also asked about her current life with the actor, to which she stated. That she and West are currently spending quality time with their children in their ancestral castle in Ireland.

They are also looking to change their castle garden looks, for which they have been working since last month. And by the end of next month, they will start their work, and as per their new planning, they will also build a new fountain. So she ended with that we are quite busy enough with our work that we can’t give time to these rumors.