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Robyn Crawford Net Worth: All You Need To Know.

robyn crawford net worth
Robyn Crawford Credits: BBC.

Robyn Crawford is an American author, producer, and former creative director who was born on 17th December 1960 in New Jersey but grew up with his siblings. The author has always worked for his dream from an early age, and that is the only reason she has achieved this popularity.

The author was just 19 years old when she first met Whitney Houston in 1980. Both of them were caught together at an East Orange summer camp. As per the author, it was the first time when they met each other. Also, the author claims that in her book “A Song for You: My Life with Whitney Houston,”

She had mentioned that they were having a same-sex relationship with each other. They later realized that it might affect their career, as they were also living together as a couple. But Crawford was always kept aside by Houston’s family and management because they didn’t like her presence.

And after some time, when Houston’s fame grew and her name got famous worldwide, then Houston got married to  Bobby Brown. So in this article, we will be talking about Robyn’s Net worth and her biography, and if you are also interested in knowing about the author, then this article will surely help you a lot.

Robyn Crawford’s Net Worth & Journey

As per the reports, the author, and the producer Robyn, has an estimated net worth of $5 Million. It is believed that the author might be getting an amount of $24 thousand to $102 thousand, as per his income. The author lives a decent luxurious life in her well-decorated house, which he has built recently.

And apart from this, the author has also earned huge respect in the writing era. Moreover, the author was also awarded for his great story writing and his famous books, which have been loved by many people, and the media. So the author decided to take it further as a passion but didn’t find that many careers in it.

Robyn Crawford's net worth & Journey.

Robyn Crawford Credits: Us Weekly.

That’s why she decided to do another job, apart from writing, so that she could become popular. And after some time, she found her interest as a producer and a director. Later on, she started working with some cast and crew members; there, only the producer got to know about directing.

And when she met Houston, she started working with her and made a memoir, A Song for You: My Life With Whitney Houston, which hit worldwide popularity in the media in just a few days. They also worked with each other for some time. But soon, Houston got married and decided to work with another firm despite working with Robyn.

At that time, people were huge fans of Whitney Houston, and that was the reason Robyn hit popularity so easily. However, Robyn officially said that it was his hard work and his dedication that made him achieve this success. Also was one of those who had helped her to grow her career to the next level.

Relationship Status

As per the officials, Robyn is currently married to Lisa Hintelmann. However, previously a rumor spread throughout the industry that the producer was dating Whitney Houston. But Robyn straightly declared it and stated that they are just friends and no other relationship is between them.

However, both of them were many times, found with each other. Many people also asked her that will they would be working together with each other in the future. Robyn replied, with ease, that they have worked with each other previously, and that’s the only reason that their work was loved by so many people.

Robyn Crawford Relationship Status.

Robyn Crawford Credits: People.

However, later on, Whitney got married to Bobby Brown, and after that, she never looked back and worked with different and popular families. But never contacted Robyn after she left her alone. People also say that the family of Houston didn’t like the company of the producer. And that’s why Houston was not interested in the producer anymore.

So that’s all about the producer and Housting, and if you are interested in knowing more about them. Then you can revisit our site, where you will get all the relevant information regarding them. But if you want to see some relevant topics regarding the same, then it will also be available there.

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