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What Happened to Meera Malik on The Blacklist?

Meera Malik in The Blacklist
Meera Malik in The Blacklist (Credits: @parmindernagra/Instagram)

Let us find out What Happened to Meera Malik on the Blacklist? The Blacklist, The NBC (National Broadcasting Company) Show, is best known for its fantastic storyline and plot twists. A CIA agent who had a significant role in the show’s first season, Meera Malik, was one of the characters who captivated the viewers.

Many viewers were left in suspense after Meera exited the show suddenly. Continue reading further to know more about Meera Malik’s plot, her abrupt exit, and the rumors surrounding her death.

As a CIA agent, Meera Malik, played by Parminder Nagra, was introduced in The Blacklist’s first season. Assistant Attorney General Diane Fowler assigned Meera to the Raymond Reddington case to collaborate with Harold Cooper and the Raymond Reddington security detail.

Meera was a competent and skilled agent who spent most of her career stationed in New Delhi, India, and various locations in Pakistan and northern India as a non-official cover (NOC).

Meera Malik’s Role in The Blacklist

Meera Malik played a significant role in The Blacklist’s first season. She was a task force member working with Reddington to catch the world’s most dangerous criminals.

Meera was displayed as intelligent, resourceful, and committed to her work during the season. She was always prepared to take necessary action to crack a case and bring the criminals to justice.

Meera Malik from The Blacklist

Meera Malik from The Blacklist series (Credits: @parmindernagra/Instagram)

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What Happened to Meera Malik on The Blacklist?

Fans were shocked by Meera’s unexpected exit from The Blacklist. An assassin sent by Milos Kirchoff attacked Meera in the 21st episode of the first season. Meera’s throat was slit, and Elizabeth Keen held her as she passed away. Meera’s passing shocked the show’s fans because they weren’t expecting her sudden exit as a central character.

Many fans were left in awe of why Meera was unexpectedly killed off. Some people believed that Parminder Nagra had to leave the show because of scheduling issues, while others thought that her character’s death was required for the show’s plot to move forward.

Parminder Nagra portraying Meera Malik in The Blacklist

Parminder Nagra portraying Meera Malik in The Blacklist (Credits: @parmindernagra/Instagram)

Speculations Surrounding Meera Malik’s Death

Due to how abrupt and unexpected Meera Malik’s death was, fans started sparking several speculations. Some fans thought an argument between the actress and the showrunners occurred behind the scenes, leading to Meera’s end in the show. However, these rumors were dispelled when Parminder Nagra said that the showrunners’ decision to let her go was creative.

Anya Banerjee, who portrayed Meera Malik’s sister in the television series, suggested that there might be more to Meera’s death than first appears in an interview with NBC Insider. She indicated that Meera’s death may have an ulterior backstory that the showrunners might explore in upcoming seasons. This statement by Anya led to more speculations among fans about the possibility of Meera’s return to the show.

The Impact of the Mysterious Death of Meera Malik on the Fans

The character of Meera Malik played a significant role in the first season of The Blacklist. Fans were puzzled and interested in what was surrounding her sudden and unexpected death.

There are still a lot of unanswered questions regarding the possibilities surrounding Meera’s death, even though the showrunners’ creative choice to have her die was a good one.

One of the most watched television programs is The Blacklist, which has become even more intriguing and mysterious due to the rumors and questions surrounding Meera’s death.

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