Who is Dean Bartles’ Wife? Everything You Need to Know

Dean Bartles solo picture
Dean Bartle (Credits: Industry Era)

Have you ever wondered who is behind the success of Dean Bartle? Dean Bartle, a famous American business executive, has dramatically impacted the manufacturing industry.

Despite having a successful career, his wife, Joyce Bartle, has been a constant source of love and support for him. Continue reading further to know who is Dean Barles’s wife and how she has impacted Dean’s life. We will also highlight Joyce Bartles’ personal life and career.

Who is Dean Bartle?

Before we look at who Dean’s wife, Joyce Bartle, is, let us first know who Dean Bartle is. On July 8, 1956, Dean Bartle was born in the United States. He has an exceptional background and has completed several degrees.

Official Website of Dean Bartles
Dean Bartle’s official website (Credits: Deanbartles.com)

He completed his MBA from Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania and a second Master’s in International Business. Furthermore, he also completed Ph.D. in Technology Management from Nova Southeastern University.

He served as the president of SME, an organization devoted to educating and advancing the manufacturing industry, and the CEO of The Manufacturing Technology Deployment Group, Inc. (MTDG), where he made significant contributions to the manufacturing industry.

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Who is Joyce Bartle?

Joys Bartle, wife of Dean Bartle, has been a constant source of support throughout his career. She was also born in the United States and grew up in the lovely city of Pennsylvania, Shippensburg.

In 1999, Dean and Joyce first met and eventually fell in love. After two years of a robust relationship, the couple married in 2001. Since marriage, Joyce has always been vital to Dean’s life and has supported him through all his highs and lows.

Joyce Bartles’ Family

There are many people in Joyce Bartles’ family. Ruby C. Kessinger and Joyce Brown are her sisters, and Jaye M. Bartle is her brother.

Sarah Ruth Shoap, Joyce’s mother, passed away in 2003, and Ellis Wilmer Bartle, her father, passed away in 1999. Despite losing her parents, Joyce has continued to be a constant source of support for her family and her husband, Dean.

Dean Bartles appearance on media
Dean Bartles appearance on media (Credits: Politico)

Joyce Bartles’ Career and Interests

Although Joyce Bartles’ career is less well-known than her husband’s, she has succeeded independently. In addition to working in various other fields, Joyce spent many years as a nurse in the medical area. She has also managed hotels while working in the hospitality industry. Joyce has a strong work ethic and is a dedicated person.

What are Joyce Bartles’ interests? Joyce Bartle and her husband, Dean, have various interests. Both enjoy spending time with their families, camping, and road trips.

Joyce often helps Dean build and design their model train sets because she also loves model railroads. She gives her time to charitable organizations and is very involved in her community.

Joyce Bartles’ Role in Dean Bartles’ Life

It is said that behind every successful man is a woman’s hand. When we talk about Dean Bartles’ career success and contribution to the manufacturing industry, Joyces Bartle is the name that is highlighted.

She has constantly supported her husband, Dean Bartle, through all his challenges by providing beneficial advice. Dean’s success has been greatly aided by Joyce’s role as an excellent family foundation; together, they have created a strong team and a fulfilling life.

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