Jonah Hill Breakup: Cheating and Allegations

sarah and jonah hills
Sarah and Jonah Hills at Red Carpet (Credits: Teen Vogue)

Jonah Hill is an American actor, comedian, and producer, and he was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor. He was on the Forbes list of most well-paid actors at $16 million. He went to New York to study drama at The New School.

He was dating surfer and model Sarah Brady, but things went downhill when he was accused of gaslighting her. He had his first baby with his girlfriend, Olivia Millar. It has been confirmed to the American publication People that Millar’s child was born in May.

Jonah has a new hobby of surfing, and Sarah happens to be a surfing instructor. They went surfing on vacation in California with their dog, Fig.

Sarah and Jonah have reportedly broken up. Sarah is a community leader for Changing Tides Foundation. She is a Californian activist, surer, and lawyer studying environmental law in Hawaii. They used to have a private relationship, but they had engagement rumors all over the Internet in February 2022.

The actor cleared all doubts saying that these were all rumors. Jonah was surfing alone in Malibu, and when the paparazzi asked him about his ex-girlfriend, he was silent.

jonah hill
Jonah Hill (Credits: Koimoi)

His silence was laced with allegations made by his girlfriend.  Jonah is a man with disturbing relationship confines and sexting habits revealed by Brady. Here’s the complete drama of Jonah Hill Breakup: Cheating and Allegations.

Jonah Hill Breakup: Cheating and Allegations

Jonah Hill’s breakup is a fresh matter for therapists, and it is more than just a ‘warning to girls.’ Hill is supposedly not meant for a surfer girl who posts pictures in a swimsuit.

Hill has been depicted as manipulative all over Twitter and the internet for using his mental health to set ‘boundaries’ for his girlfriend. Screenshots revealed by Brady of chats with Jonah have him use words like ‘sexual pictures’ and having ‘inappropriate friendships with men.’

She has come up with a warning for young girls to leave a guy who starts behaving like this.  Twitter feed has been bombarded by memes and people like sociologists criticizing Jonah for being a jerk.

Some celebrities even attacked Brady for sharing private messages. Hill has confirmed that these texts were genuine. The drama is not just about the internet or chats. Sarah has also confirmed that keeping this a secret was more mentally damaging to her.

On her social media, she has revealed that she waited for Olivia to give birth before she shared the chats so that she doesn’t have pregnancy stress. They were close friends even after the breakup, sexting on 13 July 2022, visiting her apartment in August, and then telling her that he was in a new relationship.

The long chats have some disturbing things in them, like Sarah telling Jonah to back off and telling the woman in his life that he has been flirting with her, using her as emotional support, and sexting her. He replied saying that it was just a friend and goodbye instead of sexting.

Later texts have him saying that, yes, we sexted for two months. Jonah has said that this was a ‘huge triggering violation’ and a ‘breach of trust’ to share screenshots of his texts. He felt unsafe and hurt because of a person he had always trusted.

Long Term Consequences

Jonah has also caused her to lose some of her financial opportunities. He wanted to put a ring on her finger and get her pregnant. It is obvious that after this intimacy, it must have been heartbreaking for Sarah to be treated like this.

Sarah said that she wanted to share more but chose not to because of his family. The texts show how chatting can be emotionally abusive and cause mental pain. Online chatting can document the entire relationship and its dangerous consequences over the internet.

Jonah seems to be pretty narrow-minded in breaching his ex-girlfriend’s personal space, using her for emotional support and sexting her even when he was in a new relationship and a pregnant girlfriend. Jonah has taken toxicity to another level with such demands and talking about ‘a** in a thong.’

She has been healing herself out of emotional abuse and the dark reality of sexting. Jonah is emotionally manipulative for his selfish concerns about his girlfriend’s Instagram or profession, and her therapist hates Hill.

Jonah Hill has everything wrong with breaching his beliefs about mental health, like asking fans not t comment on his body image and protect his mental health.

Jonah has proved that apart from being a mental health patient, he is also a narcissist and manipulative misogynist who controls people by using them, stealing the opportunities they have, and causing financial, sexual, and mental pain. He has used Sarah in toxic conditions until ‘his new chick got pregnant.’