Money Kicks Net Worth: Everything You Need To Know.

Money Kicks Net Worth
Money Kicks (Credits: Arabian Business)

If you are a big fan of Youtube stars and its community, then you might know about MoneyKicks. Also known as Rashed Belhasa. He is one of the youngest Youtubers who is known for his high-class and luxurious life. The YouTuber is professionally a businessman and influencer who shares his knowledge with different people.

The star also has a similar interest in various fields, including football, boxing which he recently started last year. When Rashed was young, he always wanted to become a star who could motivate people through his excellent skills. Apart from this, he was interested in different co-curricular activities, which made him a multitasker from an early age.

And that’s the only reason he is currently doing multiple businesses at just the age of 20. Which not only make him rank as one of the youngest one but also as one of the richest ones. Rashed always has an attachment to different luxury brands. That’s why he promotes them through his business so that he can make more profit.

Apart from his career, the star also has an interesting Net Worth, which we will be discussing later on in this article. And if you find something interesting in it, then you can go through it for a better understanding.

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Money Kicks Net Worth

According to the media and reports, the Youtuber Rashed is currently having a Net Worth of around $4 Million. Which is his basic pay, and the rest source of his income is his multiple business and brand deals. He also earns a decent amount, around $2.7 million.

The star also earns a huge palace, which he bought last year for around $30 million. His palace is well equipped with all the necessary and luxurious things.

The star has also designed and customized his palace in a unique manner, which gives his palace an appealing look. Especially its interiors, which give you a feel of modernity and time.

Money Kicks Net Worth
Money Kicks (Credits: Arabian Business)

The most interesting thing about his palace is its decor. Each and everywhere inside the Palace is decorated with different portraits, paintings,s, and pottery, which attracts the people, and his fountain, which is built near the entry gate.

It is also one of the most beautiful places in his Palace. Moreover, the star also has a gym area in his palace where he is generally found exercising.

Money Kicks Childhood & Achievements

As per the latest news and information, it has come to know that the star has gone through a lot of hard work. During his childhood time, that is the only reason behind his ultimate success. When Rashed was a child, he used to work on multiple things at once.

This made him multitalented from an early age, and that is the main reason why he managed his multiple businesses without any failures. The star has always had a dream to be an inspirational speech person. So he started it from his channel, where he made people understand how the business works.

In the beginning, it was very difficult for him to manage all this stuff. But as time, people got interested in his channel and shows, which he hosts regularly host on every week. And just after a couple of weeks, the star rose to popularity, making him one of the youngest YouTubers.

Who has achieved a huge fan following at a young age? Apart from his childhood and career, the star also had achieved a lot of achievements for his excellent skills. At the start, he was awarded as one of the youngest business tycoons.

Money Kicks Childhood & Achievements
Money Kicks (Credits: Sneaker Freaker)

Which was represented by the different popular brands. After this, in the next year, he was nominated for the best leading businessman for the year 2018. It was the first time for a Youtuber, as before him, no one had achieved this kind of glory and applause.

Moreover, On New Year’s Eve, he was again awarded as one of the top richest young Youtbers. Apart from all these awards, he also achieved a lot of achievements in his business.

Either it would be for the leading business giant, or it would be the most advanced businessman. He had achieved all these achievements in just a few years.