Elizabeth Taylor Dating History: Explained in Detail

Elizabeth Taylor Dating History
Elizabeth Taylor (Credits: SheKnows)

In today’s world, people are especially interested in knowing about the celeb’s income and their dating history. So if you are also one of them, then this article is for you. In this article, we will be discussing one of the most beautiful American actresses of the 90s who not only ruled over the hearts of her fans.

But also had an interesting journey of love with many celebs. The actress’s name is Elizabeth Taylor, and she is basically from London. Taylor started her acting career in the film industry as a child actress in the 1940s. At that time, she was one of the youngest actresses who got selected in the film industry.

Taylor rose to popularity after working in a main role in the film ” National Velvet.” From then, she was named one of the youngest and highest paid actresses of that time as she had, entertained the audience without any help from her co-stars.

Apart from her onscreen presence, the star was also popular for her dating history, which we are going to discuss below If you find yourself interested in it. Then you can go through it below for better understanding.

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Elizabeth Taylor’s Dating History

As per the latest news and reports, it has been found that the popular actress Elizabeth Taylor had an interesting dating history during his entire career. The list comprises different celebs and businessmen who have big-name names throughout the media.

The list is so long that it will be difficult for us to show it in a single format. That’s why we have discussed a few popular relationships only. So here is the list below:-

Mickey Rooney

He was the first one whom she dated. Mickey Rooney first met Taylorfirstilm, and from there, their love story began. And finally, in June 1946, they were caught dating for the first time. However, due to some personal reasons, their relationship couldn’t last long.

Elizabeth Taylor with Mickey Rooney
Elizabeth Taylor (Credits: Daily Mail)

So they broke up, with broken other in April 1948. This decision left the fans with a mystery as both of them didn’t do that split officially. That’s why it remained a mystery for their fans and the audience.

Conrad Hilton Jr.

Conrad Hilton Jr. met the star during an event party. During that party only, they became friends and after some time were caught dating each other. The couple was first caught dating together in a nightclub in October 1949. And after a year, in 1950, they finally got married to each other.

Conrad was the first person whom the star dated and also got married to. But again, her relationship was taking vulnerable turns, which also ended up with the split. That was the only time when Taylor thought that her luck was not that good.

Elizabeth Taylor with Conrad Hilton Jr.
Elizabeth Taylor (Credits: Woman’s World)

The couple officially got divorced in 1951, just after their one year of marriage. After this tough decision, Taylor changed her mindset and decided to move ahead in life. Because time will not wait for her, it’s better to enjoy rather than waste it.

Larry Fortensky

Elizabeth Taylor first met with Larry Fortensky at a clinic. But after some time, they again met at a party of their common friend. And from there only, their love story began. The couple was then caught dating in a restaurant just after a month of their first meeting.

However, they didn’t disclose their relation to the people officially. And soon after a couple of months, they got married to each other on October 1991. Reports claimed that it was the last time the actress got married. As her age has also passed, she has grown older.

Elizabeth Taylor with  Larry Fortensky
Elizabeth Taylor (Credits: National Enquirer)

But despite this, many rumors spread throughout the media regarding his romantic relationship. After she got divorced from her last husband, it went viral after their divorce was known to the media. Moreover, some reports state that the actress Taylor was very attractive.

And just because of her natural beauty, many men were attracted to her despite knowing her age. Many people also say that she became more beautiful as she was growing older.