Adele’s Before And After Looks: The Easy on Me Singer’s Glow Up Transformation

Adele's glowy transformation over the years (Credits: Refinery29)

Want to know about Adele’s before and after looks? The Easy on Me singer’s glow-up transformation is ruling the internet very late. Nowadays, plastic surgeries have become the easiest option for everyone, even for the non-celebrities. Adele’s prominence in the world isn’t new at all. She has always been undoubtedly beautiful. But, at present, there seems to be a drastic change in her appearance. How did Adele make it possible?

To the newbies, Adele is a wonderful singer from London. She is now 35 years old, but you will hardly be able to guess that if you do not know. Did you listen to her last year’s song- I Drink Wine? It earned a massive success. Some of Adele’s other notable singles are- Water Under the Bridge, Send My Love, Oh My God, Turning Tables, and Someone Like You.

When it comes to Adele’s prominence, she is considered one of the world’s best-selling music artists. So far, she sold more than 120 million records globally.

Coming back to Adele’s glow-up transformation, the singer has significant changes in her face. These days, she is glowing more. Not only that, she also lost some weight. Just like most of the other celebs, she sparked rumors of opting for cosmetic alterations. What do you think? Here is what we know about Adele’s before and after looks.

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Adele’s Before And After Looks: Everything To Know

While discussing Adele’s before and after looks, the singer made an amazing glamorous makeover and had a notable weight loss journey. However, being a fan, you must note that she has never been insecure about her looks. On this note, Adele once said, “I have never been insecure, ever, about how I look, about what I want to do with myself.”

Adele's before and after looks
Adele’s before and after looks (Credits: Bright Side)

It was more than a decade ago, more precisely in 2012, when Adele started slimming down. Concerning her physique, she never lost her curves. However, she always had the willingness to gain some stamina for her continuous tours and live concerts. That was the time when she felt the need to lose some weight.

Not everyone knows Pete Geracimo is her trainer. He once shared that she appointed him not with the target of getting super skinny but always focused on being healthy.

Being a fan, everyone is busy searching for Adele’s diet chart. In other words, what’s the secret between Adele’s before and after looks? Well, the singer stopped consuming alcohol and junk food.

Her diet contains nutrient-based food like cocoa, kale, strawberries, etc. That became the main criterion. In addition to that, Adele also started training and working out hard daily. When we talk about Adele’s glow-up transformation, it’s not just the shine but her weight. 

What about the plastic surgery rumors? Adele sparked rumors of opting for rhinoplasty. For a newbie, that’s the term for a nose job. If you notice Adele’s minutely now, you will find it sharper, pointed, and narrower than before.

Some even claimed that she might have opted for facelifts, giving a sharper jawline and cheekbones. In addition to that, Adele’s face appears very smooth now, even without makeup. She never confirmed these plastic survey rumors, though.

Nowadays, there have been several advancements in makeup procedures. Similarly, Adele’s contouring skills have always been very appreciable. We wonder if makeup is the ultimate key to her facial glowy transformation.

Best wishes to Adele for the upcoming days of her life. Make sure to follow Adele on her Instagram account! What do you think about Adele’s before and after looks?

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