Who is Tatu Baby Dating? Answered

tatu baby
Tatu Baby (Credits: Flipboard)

Want to know who Tatu Baby is dating? The Cartel Crew star has raised quite a few speculations regarding her personal life. Fans are really excited to know the details of her love life and find out whether she finally has a special someone in her life.

Tatu Baby, or Katherine Flores, which is her birth name, was born and brought up in Miami, Florida. It is not popular news that her father had a pretty dark background, which involved being a drug kingpin based in Queens. However, her father passed away when she was just four, and her family has put behind the narcotics connections ever since.

Talking about her professional life, Tatu Baby was a contestant on Ink Master, season 2 in 2012, and ranked at the fourth position. She was a contestant in the following season as well and was awarded the third position.

She has starred in the American reality show Cartel Crew since the first season in 2019. The 35-year-old has actively followed her passion and career of being a tattoo artist in Miami.

Tatu Baby has a son with her ex-boyfriend, Eddie Soto. Her little guy’s name is Deniro Roman Soto, who was born in May 2014. She is a wonderful mother, and her son is the apple of her eye. While we have seen her talents on-screen, here’s what we know about her love life.

Tatu Baby
Tatu Baby (Credits: National Today)

Who is Tatu Baby Dating? Explained

Tatu Baby, aka Katherine, has always been mum about her personal life. Despite being famous, she has always made sure that her life behind the camera stays behind closed doors since she wants to protect her and her son’s privacy. She has not been spotted with anyone recently, and we think it’s safe to assume that she is single as of now.

Speaking of Eddie Soto, he is the father of Katherine’s son and her ex-boyfriend. Tatu Baby and Eddie Sotto have known each other for over a decade, and they were raising their son Deniro together until Soto was arrested in 2015. He was convicted for having connections with a drug organization in Miami and was sentenced to five years in prison.

Their son was only one when Soto was convicted, and it was a very tough time for Katherine and her family. Eddie Soto was unfaithful to Tatu Baby and had cheated on her when she was pregnant with their son. All of these led to the end of their relationship, though Eddie Soto was allowed prison visits from his son.

After Soto was released from prison in 2019, the couple reconciled and tried to make their relationship work. They decided to raise their son together, but Katherine soon called it quits since she felt that the relationship was not going anywhere and the fact that she had no future with Eddie.

Even today, Eddie Soto and Tatu Baby are not together, and it isn’t surprising. We haven’t seen her baby daddy beside her in any public outings or on her social media accounts.

tatu baby
Tatu Baby (Credits: Local 8 Now)

Tatu Baby made headlines in 2017 when she was linked with Ceasar Emmanuel. The star of the show Black Ink Crew shared a close friendship with Tatu Baby, which led to the rumors of the two of them dating. Were they really together?

The answer is no. Soon, Tatu Baby denied the rumors and revealed that she and Emmanuel were good friends and hadn’t really explored the idea of a romance between the two.

Apart from this, Tatu Baby hasn’t been seen with anybody prior to or after her breakup. She is living a single life and is focusing on her professional growth and her son. She is quite busy with her job as a tattoo artist and influencer while managing the full-time job of being a mother.

Tatu Baby is a brave and beautiful woman who has created a pretty good life for herself as well as her family. As far as her personal life is concerned, we are sure she will find someone perfect to be with whenever she is ready for it.

Make sure to follow her Instagram account to stay updated. We wish all the very best to Tatu Baby and hope to see her with the man of her dreams soon.