Who is Hannah Einbinder’s Partner? Everything We Know About Her Love Life

Hannah Einbinder partner
Hannah Einbinder and Alex Edelamn (Credits: Getty Images)

Want to know who Hannah Einbinder’s partner is? The 28-year-old American comedian and actress has always been a spectacular talent. We are really excited to take a peek into her love life and find out if it’s as spectacular as her professional life.

Besides acting, Hannah also has a passion for writing. She was born and brought up in Los Angeles, California. She hails from a Jewish family and attended Chapman University to earn a degree in Fine Arts.

She has been the talk of the town ever since she started playing the character of Ava on the series Hacks, which can be streamed on HBO Max. Fans are going crazy over her quirkiness and wit.

Apart from that, Hannah Einbinder works as a standup comedian and loves touring the country for her show. People are always down to witness her hilarious talents. Humor comes easily to her, and she has always followed her profession with immense passion.

Hannah Einbinder
Hannah Einbinder (Credits: Comedy)

Portraying her role in Hacks, Hannah Einbinder is bisexual in real life as well. Her outstanding performances have led her to 2 Emmy nominations and 1 Golden Globe nomination in 2022. All of this proves that it’s Hannah Einbinder’s world, and we are all just living in it.

Fans are earnestly waiting to find out about Hannah Einbinder’s relationship status. She has raised many questions regarding her partner. Is she single? If not, then who is Hannah’s partner? Here’s what we have gathered.

Who is Hannah Einbinder’s partner? Answered

Rumor has it that Hannah Einbinder is currently in a relationship with Alex Edelman. She and Alex have been seen together multiple times, and fans can’t stop gushing all over them.

Talking about Alex Edelman, he is also a comedian (talk about soulmates, right?) hailing from New York City. Alex has been a touring comedian and has many achievements in his bag. He has always been open about his love for Hannah and their relationship.

Alex Edelman and Hannah Einbinder have posted a lot of pictures on Instagram, especially Alex’s birthday wish for Hannah, where he calls her the “best girlfriend.” This shows how head over heels the two are for each other. Apart from this, we have seen some of the cutest and goofiest pictures of the two setting endearing goals.

Hannah Einbinder partner
Hannah Einbinder and Alex Edelman. The latter’s birthday wish for Hannah (Credits: Instagram)

Alex and Hannah had on a set and instantly hit it off. According to the rumors, they bonded over their mutual love for “comedy” and “the entertainment industry.” The duo was looking adorable when they made an appearance at the premiere of Hacks season 2 in 2022. They are absolute couple goals, and we are all for it.

However, Hannah Einbinder was also linked with Ellie Neilson. The rumors began flowing when Hannah posted a picture of her and Ellie on her Instagram with the caption, “Love of my life.”

While there haven’t been any intimate or personal pictures of the two of them, some users thought that they were more than friends, while others thought that Ellie was just Hannah’s sister. But it’s clear that the two are very close and share a wonderful bond.

There is no clarity as to who Hannah Einbinder is dating as of now since she hasn’t been very open about her love life. She hasn’t posted much about Alex Edelman either and hence kept us in confusion. Hannah is a very private person and likes to live in the moment.

In an interview, Hannah opened up about her being bisexual and the problems she had to face. The Hack actress revealed that she had felt out of place regarding her sexuality and had a tough time accepting herself. Well, we can see what a powerful lady is and are proud of her through and through.

As Hannah Einbinder hasn’t made any public or virtual appearances with Alex Edelman, we are not sure about the relationship that the two share. However, we really do wish to see Hannah with someone she loves soon.

She is a smart and sharp woman with a kind heart, and we are sure that the future holds the best things for her, professionally as well as romantically. We wish her all the very best for her dazzling future. Make sure to follow her Instagram for more updates.