Who is Russell Brand Wife: Everything You Need To Know.

Russell Brand Wife Everything You Need To Know.
Russell Brand (Credits: BBC)

If you are enthusiastic about listening to romantic stories, then this article is surely for you. As we are going to know, about the romantic story of a celebrity with his wife. So, if you have an interest, then go through it briefly to completely understand how the love birds come together.

You must know Russell Brand. If not, then here is a short info below regarding him. Russell Brand is an English comedian, actor, and writer who has been known in the industry for his extraordinary skills. And perfection, which makes him special from the other celebrities.

The actor has achieved huge fame throughout the industry in very little time, and it happened just because of his continuous hard work and true dedication to his work. He has also been many times awarded for his excellent acting and has also received the British Comedy Awards three times till now.

And that’s why he is not only recognized publically but globally for his popularity. Apart from this, the star enjoys a luxurious life with his small family and a beautiful life. So, if you want to know more about the star, then go below. To understand everything in brief.

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Russell Brand Wife

After going through a lot of research, it has come to know that Russell Brand’s wife’s name is Laura Gallacher. Laura is professionally an author and has been writing since an early age after she graduated. When the couple first met each other, she was an art student in college.

While he was a TV presenter and was performing as a host in various shoes, it was also found that the couple was first introduced to each other by her sister. And from there only, the love birds fall in love with each other. The couple was having a good time together with each other.

Russell Brand Wife
Russell Brand (Credits: Parade)

Also, they have been, many times, spotted dating together. But at that time, Russell wasn’t ready to take this relationship further. However, after a long time, they once again met each other mistakenly in 2015. And they again started dating each other.

This time, the actor was pretty much sure about his decision. So he finally proposed to her, and they finally got married in August 2017. Currently, the couple has two children and is planning for a third one, as per the latest reports. However, there are no further official claims regarding it.

Russell Brand Lifestyle & Social Work

As per the claims, Russell Brand is also a social worker and has set up a charity with his wife. They used to help people suffering from mental health issues and addiction, and they also provide medicines and treatment to the needy or the people who are not able to afford the medicines.

Their charity not only made people cured. But had also recovered the people suffering from a lot of mental issues. Many people say that he is a living angel who has been helping people without knowing their religion. And had always treated everyone with equal respect.

Apart from this, the star is also a great family man who loves to enjoy free time with her kids and his family. Although he has a lot of work, he somehow manages to take out some free time for her loved ones. However, sometimes, due to a lot of work, it becomes very difficult for him to do so.

Russell Brand Lifestyle & Social Work
Russell Brand (Credits: BBC )

But then also, he always tried his best. The star lives a simple life in a countryside area in England where he and his family have a small and beautiful house—fully furnished as per the new design, with all the necessary equipment. Moreover, the star has also built a small farmhouse near his house.

He has kept his chickens and other pets whom he takes care of at the end of every week. Russell always had a wish to live in a silent area. That’s why he chose this place to live. Also, the star is very connected to nature, which made him do so.