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How Did The Great German Composer And Pianist, Ludwig van Beethoven Die?

Ludwig van Beethoven
Ludwig van Beethoven

If we are talking about music, then we can’t just afford to ignore all those instruments that help to create fantastic music. Guitar, drums, saxophone, xylophone, accordion, tuba, or piano are some of the musical instruments. Out of these instruments, some create heavy and long sounds, whereas some create light and low sounds, but each sound has its importance in the song.

Take piano for example, the sound coming from it may seem like a light sound but it makes a huge difference in composition and not to mention that it takes patience, and mastering it is not at all an easy job. You need years of practice to come to terms with all the strings of the piano. But not for Ludwig van Beethoven.

Ludwig van Beethoven was a renowned pianist and composer. His fingers used to move effortlessly on the instrument. The tune used to come out smoothly whenever Beethoven was playing it. Not only a pianist, but he was also the most admired composer the world has ever seen. He played a major role in developing western music and is known as the defining figure in the development of western music.

Beethoven was baptized on December 17, 1770, and he was a talented kid who mastered this under the teaching of his father, who became his first teacher. In 1783 he released his first set of piano variations under the guidance of Christian Gottlob Neefe, who took him under his guidance.

Ludwig van Beethoven

Ludwig van Beethoven

Talking about his career, which is divided into three phases. Phase first was the stage where he developed his skill till 1802, and after that, till 1812 was the second phase of his career. In the second phase, he demonstrated a distinct departure from the styles of Joseph Haydn and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. After 1812 his third phase started, where he expanded his search in music.

By 1814 Beethoven had lost all his hearing abilities. He started facing problems with his hearing skills in 1801. Even though Beethoven was deaf but he didn’t let it deter him from his passion. He created some marvelous pieces which are still used by someone who wants to go pro in piano. He wrote some of his great masterpieces after 1810, the time when he became less socially active.

Beethoven is one of the best pianists and a composer. But being the world’s best couldn’t prevent him from dying. He had a prolonged illness and died at the age of 56. How did he die? Read the article below to know the answer.

What caused the death of Beethoven?

Beethoven was one of the greatest pianists and a composer. Even though he became deaf in 1814 but he still created some of his masterpieces after that only. In his later years, his health started worsening, becoming a major concern for his known. At that time, he created some of his best works that are admired a lot. He had swelling in his abdominal region, or in scientific terms, and he had ascites.

Beethoven underwent a total of four operations to treat his disease. His first operation led him to get infected, but the remaining had no side effects as severe as the first one. He was 56 years old when he said bye to this world and left the world behind, mourning for a major loss. He was in Vienna’s apartment on March 26, 1827, when he died.

Legendary pianist Beethoven’s death was witnessed by his sister-in-law and maybe by Karl Holz and Anselm Huttenbrenner, who were his secretary and close friend, respectively. While going, he said, “Pity, pity-too late!” His final words were misunderstood as “Plaudite, amici, comedia finite est,” these lines are used to end Italian Commedia dell’arte performance traditionally. His friend Anselm 1860 clarified this misunderstanding.

Ludwig van Beethoven

Ludwig van Beethoven

An autopsy was done on March 27, 1827, and after the report came out, it was revealed that his aural nerves were hardening like the arteries around them, along with the shrinking of his liver. It is also believed that he died because of lead poisoning. In 2008, an Australian pathologist claimed that Beethoven was killed unintentionally by Andreas Wawruch, who gave him an excessive dose of lead.

There are various speculations about his death. But it can be said that the cause of his death is lead poisoning only. Three days after his death on March 26, a burial service was held in Alsergrund parish church, and he was buried in Warhring Ceremony, where he is resting in peace.

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