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What Happened To Shania Twain? Latest News

what happened to shania twain
Shania Twain Credits: Entertainment Weekly


In the 90s, Shania Twain was in the top ranking as a singer in the music industry, with an impressive selling of 75 million albums sold worldwide. With a collection of multiple awards and numerous hits, the singer made the world fan of her singing. 

But soon, a piece of news spread all over the industry that the famous singer has lost her voice. Now people were shocked, thinking how is it possible because they had listened to her song just two days ago. When she was performing a live concert, this made the fans know the real reason behind it.

But many fans where thinking that it was fake news, so they requested Shania to share her new album release date. So that everyone should come to know that she had really lost her voice or it was just rumored. Many months passed, but not a single song was released by the singer.

This makes the fans understand that she would have been working on it. Or it would be a bigger project so that she can make his presence more exciting and memorable. But lastly, they understood that the news was right, as she didn’t make a single song for 15 years.

 Shania Twain’s Battle Against Lyme Disease

According to the reports, Shania was diagnosed with Lyme disease in the year 2010. After some time, the singer revealed the disease; Shania said that when she was in Virginia in 2003. When she was riding a horse, a tick bit her, which caused her this disease.

Due to this disease, the singer started suffering from dizzy spells, and she almost lost her ability to sing. And it just not stopped for once or for a week but for almost 15 years. In an interview, she said, ” I thought I would never sing again. ” But she didn’t look back and met the best doctors for the vocal cord.

Shania Twain

Shania Twain Credits: CNN

And with an unbeatable desire, she started looking for a doctor who could resolve this issue. And finally, after a lot of searching and suggestions, she got one. The doctor was also surprised to see her, as he had also seen her on TV only. So he was a bit shocked.

Shania discussed all her problems and difficulties with the doctor she was facing till now. So the doctor then advised her that he would first check his throat and vocal cord to know what is the problem and how it could be cured. Six weeks later, she got a Laryngoplasty operation to reconstruct the vocal box.

How did Shania Twain lose her voice?

According to Forbes, when Shania’s health started getting deteriorated, many problems got developed in her vocal cords, which led to her losing her voice and being forced to take a leave from the music industry for about 15 years.

The singer was not at all come to know about Lyme disease. When she returned from the tour, she thought it was happening just because of fatigue. As she had just returned from the tour, but later on, she noticed that it was a disease. And due to this, she was not able to talk properly on the phone. Nor could she speak anything in loud environments.

After 7 years, when she went through a proper check, the doctors told her that she was suffering from a neck disease. After that, the singer goes through a number of surgeries to correct his voice. Which was very painful for him, but she faced everything with all her might.

Shania Twain

Shania Twain Credits: Cosmopolitan

And when the surgeries came to an end, it was time for a final check-up. Finally, the singer got cured of his pain, and now she can clearly sing, talk and communicate with everyone. The doctors said that a 2-inch horizontal scar was tripped across her neck. And she was lucky as it did not affect him too much; otherwise, it could lead to severe problems, including the brain.

The doctors also suggested that you do not neglect if you find any Lyme disease symptoms in your body. Get immediately checked by the doctors and follow the necessary guidelines given by them. And follow the proper diet and lifestyle so that you can get cured easily.

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