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Moira & Jason Breakup: Complete Detail

Moira & Jason Breakup
Moira & Jason Breakup (Credits: Cosmo)

Moira Dela Torre is a singer & songwriter who was born on 4th November 1993 in the Philippines. The singer was very addicted to music from his childhood and had also performed in various acts during her school times. And just because of this, she chose singing as her career, and after her studies, she started her career in it.

The singer started her career by working on some theme songs, which include McDonald’s “Hooray for Today” and many more. Also, the star got a chance to audition in “The Voice of the Philippines” first season, where she made the judges impressed by her beautiful voice. Also, the audience appreciated her performance with a huge clapping.

Apart from this, the star also achieved a lot of awards for her trending and popular albums, which were ranked top in the list of most loved songs of the year. Moreover, the star is now one of the most famous singers in the industry and has been working harder day by day to achieve a big platform of success.

However, the singer is currently facing some issues in her relationship, which is not allowing her to move forward. So we will see what is the reason behind her relationship and the reason which is not allowing her to focus on her work.

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Moira & Jason Brakeup

According to the media, Moira & Jason first met each other at De La Salle College as they were music students there and had got admission to that same college just because the college offered good knowledge, especially in music. And it s just a coincidence that they got admission in the same class also.

As time passed, they got attracted to each other and soon became close friends. The duo was very famous in the college, as they were the most interesting pair who entertained the whole class with their funny jokes and melodious singing. Many times they have been caught doing dinner together at resorts and restaurants.

Moira & Jason Breakup

Moira & Jason (Credits: Philippine Star)

And also, if there is someone’s birthday party in the group then also they are seen together. However, after some time, they were finally caught dating each other at a nearby resort, and from there, the love story began. The couple was a perfect match, as they look better together and also they have a caring nature for each other.

Which makes their relationship more romantic and trustworthy. Also, the couple thought of getting married soon, but due to some family problem, they postponed it for some time and decided to do it after all the issues get resolved. And finally, on 16th February 2017, the couple got engaged happily.

But sadly, due to some personal conflicts, their relationship doesn’t last for too long. And later on, they decided to get split, but actually, what happened between them is still unknown.

Moira & Jason Relationship Rumors

As per the news and rumors, Moira & Jason’s relationship is going to end. People claimed that the singer Moira’s trust was broken by Jason whom she got married. However, many people say that the couple is trying to get a divorce because of a family dispute with them.

Apart from this, the couple is very unhappy due to the rumors that are spreading all over the media. Also, during an official interview, when the singer was asked about their relationship then, the star replied that they are no more in a relationship but refused to say the real reason for the conflict.

Moira & Jason Relationship Rumors

Moira & Jason (Credits: Preen.Ph)

Moreover, it is also said that they are now planning for the split as they have been caught by the media in court. So no one knows what is going to happen next, and it will be a very thrilling moment for their fans as they are not aware of it. Also, the families of the couple are now very tense regarding their marriage as they didn’t want them to split.

And it is also found that the couple is very serious regarding their relationship with their family. As they have not yet, told their family about it and have been solving their issue on their own. But they have decided that they will tell their family once they get everything sorted.

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