How To Watch FIFA Uncovered Episodes Online? Expectations, Release Date & Streaming Guide

FIFA Uncovered
FIFA Uncovered

Just a few days before the big FIFA World Cup 2022 event, Netflix casually releases the trailer for a new documentary. This week will see the debut of the upcoming Netflix original documentary FIFA Uncovered. The Netflix-produced documentary’s filmmakers and producers are anonymous for the sake of their security. We can’t deny that Netflix has consistently provided us with dependable documentaries that contain several revelations.

We can only hope that FIFA Uncovered will drop some major bombs just a few days before this year’s FIFA World Cup tournament in Qatar, given the serious subject at issue. The affection for the game and the players is unmatched, and football is arguably the biggest sport on the planet.

However, controversy is nothing new for the group in charge of planning the sport’s largest event. When it comes to the significant amount of corruption taking place in sports right now, FIFA has always been in the spotlight. The organization’s scandals and dark secrets are expected to take over the entire documentary.

FIFA Uncovered Trailer

FIFA Uncovered Expectations?

The International Federation of Association Football or FIFA has served as the international football sport’s regulatory organization for almost a century. Several accusations of illegal money laundering and internal corruption have been made against the association in the last few decades. Especially during the remarkably lengthy presidency of Sepp Blatter, the organization’s eighth President.

Sepp Blatter was banned from taking part in FIFA activities till the year 2027 in 2015 after several allegations of corruption were proved correct. But till then, the damage was already done. During his term as the President, suspicious decisions were made that led to some of the dirtiest scandals in football history.

FIFA Uncovered
FIFA Uncovered

He is charged with being at the center of numerous scandals that made headlines around the world in the last two decades. With major allegations of corruption, match-fixing, and illegal doping, the 2002 FIFA World Cup in South Korea and Japan is regarded as the most scandalous. It felt exceedingly fishy from the host nation’s choice to how the World Cup was organized that year.

The fact that the teaser contains snippets of interviews from that era and Sepp Blatter himself solidifies the possibility that we will also learn more about the problems surrounding the 2002 FIFA World Cup. The 2002 World Cup and its proceedings infuriate many top Football nations like Italy, France, and Argentina, openly criticizing FIFA and accusing them of several allegations.

While FIFA casually denied all the allegations, the general fans think otherwise. The selection of host nations for 2018 and 2022 FIFA World Cup venues was highly suspicious too. Accusations of taking bribes surfaced when Qatar was chosen to be the host of the 2022 World Cup. All these top scandals constantly surrounded FIFA during Sepp Blatter’s term. Even after his ban from the association, the functioning of the organization doesn’t seem to have improved much anyway.

FIFA Uncovered
FIFA Uncovered

The 2022 World Cup event in Qatar is also surrounded by several controversies, ranging from the extent to which the nation has gone to prepare for the international event. Over 6,500 deaths of workers from exposure to high heat have been documented since the nation was selected to host the World Cup. The frightening part is that there are a lot more of them in reality.

Given its location in the Middle East, Qatar’s summers can be brutally hot. This is precisely why the event is being conducted in the winter this year. Qatar invested heavily without paying much attention to the preexisting human rights to complete the enormous task of building the necessary infrastructure to host the international event. The majority of the employees are immigrants who were falsely and unlawfully hired by middlemen to work as manual laborers.

FIFA Uncovered
FIFA Uncovered

Football fans around the world are eager to watch FIFA Uncovered on Netflix since there are so many controversies to cover.

FIFA Uncovered Release Date

Football lovers around the world are eagerly awaiting this upcoming documentary since everyone is aware of the association’s corruption and dark secrets that are destroying the game. On November 9, 2022, FIFA Uncovered will be made available only on Netflix.

Where Can I Watch FIFA Uncovered Online?

Starting on November 9, 2022, Netflix will be the only place to stream FIFA Uncovered. Mark your calendars for the spectacular collection of revelations that the documentary offers if you already have a platform subscription. You can choose an appropriate streaming plan for you and your family right away if you are not already an active member of the platform.

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