Is Travis Kelce Dating? All You Need To Know!

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Travis Kelce is an American Footballer who is known for his aggressive game plans on the field. Kelce is a famous 33-year-old player who is famous all around the United States of America, and also, this player has a big fandom comprised of all age groups. Travis, apart from his game, has also been famous for his dating and relationships history. Recently, the star footballer has again come into the limelight for his affairs; what is the issue? Let’s have a look at it-

Travis Kelce: The Star Footballer Who Is He?

Born on October 5, 1989, in the Westlake, Ohio.Kelceis the younger brother of fellow NFL Player Jason Kelson, who has been one of the most prominent players of the Philadelphia Eagles. Kelce, since a young age, has shown extraordinary qualities in sports. While he was a student at Cleveland Heights High School in Ohio, he played games like Basketball, Football, and Baseball.

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He since starts always excelled in Football; in his later years of school, he was also honored and recognized with a total of 2,5389 yards in offense at the senior level; he also ran 1016 rushing yards; also he threw for 1,523 passing yards, and also he had 21 touchdowns, and eight interceptions in 200 in his name.

Apart from all this, he was drafted as the Chief in NFL Draft third round (2013)/Later, he also was able to win Super Boel LIV while paired with the team San Francisco 49ers. He also is a 7-time pro baller and a three-time first-team All-Pro selection. He also holds the record for most consecutive seasons at NFL with 1000 receiving yards, that too by a tight end. He has also been the player who has played 1000 consecutive seasons in a row.

Travis Kelce’s Love Of His Life And His Girlfriend Who Is She?

Travis Kelce is a name that has been known not just for the game he plays but also for the dating history that revolves around him. Travis is a player who has millions of his girls fans who are waiting for him and loving him deeply; apart from his fans, Travis also has a huge fan following among many Hollywood stars and other celebrities.

However, Travis was seen dating Maya Benberry and later  Kayla Nicole from 2016- 2020. Later the news of his breakup broke all around the Internet, and he was seen dating Maya Benberry. A few months later, Kayla posted a very loving Instagram post that mentioned Kelce, and It was then confirmed that the duo has been dating each other ever since.


The Savage X Fenty ambassador Kayla Nicole revealed her first meeting with the American footballer over Instagram, and she revealed how it was months that Kelce was following her, liking all her stories and pictures but never uttered a word to her. It was Kayla who herself, after grasping a lot of courage, asked Travis What’s up and what for he was waiting? It was then that they first ever met and went out to spend some quality time together.

Later after dating for around four years(2017- 2020), the news came that the duo separated in August 2020. This was the time when their fans and followers believed that they would never get back together. But as it’s said, lovebirds can never be separated same happened with both of them coming back together within a few months, and since then, their love has been growing ever stronger than ever.

Who Is Kayla Nicole?

Kayla Nichole is a former journalist and a beauty pageant queen, and She also worked as a reporter for NBA and BET. She has been one of the journalists who used to interview different sports personalities and athletes. She completed her education while graduating from Peepperdine University in the subject of Broadcast Journalism in the year 2013.

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She has also been part of many of those beauty contests and professional Facebook pages. She has won various pageants where she was titled as- Top 20 Miss CA 2013; she also became First Runner Up in the beauty pageant of Miss Malibu 2013; she was among the finalists of Top 10 Miss CA USA 2012. Also, she, with her talents and beauty, was able to brag the 2nd Runner Up Title in Miss Southern Coast Regional 2012 pageant, and also she was awarded the title of the 3rd Runner Up in  Miss Malibu 2012.” Not just this, she has an immense social media following on Instagram, Tiktok, and Youtube.

Current Status Of The Relationship Of Travis Kelce

According to recent reports, the couple has finally made the decision to end their relationship. As per the sources, they are not reconciling this time. Although they did break up in 2020 as well, they came together, but this time the situations are totally different this time. As fans, we sincerely hope that the couple finds fulfillment and success in both their personal and professional endeavors.