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Is Nattie and TJ Still Together? Nattie and TJ’s Relationship

Nattie and TJ
Nattie and TJ

Are you a WWE fan and want to know about Natalya and Tyson’s relationship, how they met, and whether are they married? We have got it covered. After digging a lot we have all the required information on this, so without any ado let’s get started.

Like some Canadian couples, this couple also met in childhood. Nattie was only twelve years old when she found the love of her life, Tyson. He was friends with her cousins. At the age of fourteen Tyson decided to set foot into wrestling and started his training as a wrestler in the dungeon of the Hart Family, Natalya’s family. At the age of 10, he became

Nattie and TJ

Nattie and TJ

friends with Harry Smith and Teddy Hart, Nattie’s cousin. He started having a close bond with Hart’s family and that’s how he come to know Natalya. Hence, started their journey. That’s a little sneak peek into their relationship, before moving any further let’s first see who is Natalya Neidhart and her husband Tyson Kidd.

Natalie Katherine Neidhart born to Jim Neidhart in the year 1982 on May 27 in Calgary, Alberta, Canada is a professional wrestler. She goes by the name of Natalya, Nadia Hart, Natalya Neidhart, and Nattie Neidhart in the ring and is signed with WWE. She had won various championships such as Divas Championship, SmackDown Women’s Championship, and WWE Women’s Tag Team Champion. She has also won the title of women’s world champion, not only once but twice. Ya, you read it right. She’s one of the best performers in WWE’s women’s category.

Theodore James Wilson born on July 11 in the year 1980 in Calgary, Alberta, Canada is a retired wrestler who early goes by the name of El Local #2, Stampede Kid, TJ Wilson, and Tyson Kidd in the ring. He’s now a WWE producer. He retired on June 1 in the year 2015, after his injury in the spinal cord during one of his matches with Samoa Joe. On June 29 in the year 2017, he was hired by WWE to work as a producer.

This wrestling sweetheart couple has been married for eight years now. Let’s have a look into their relationship.

Are Nattie and TJ Still Together?

SmackDown Women’s Championship winner Natayla met now-retired wrestler Tyson Kidd when they were kids. Tyson was kids with Nattie’s cousin and was taking training under Hart Family. Getting into a relationship with the daughter of a guy with whom you have a close bond is not easy. The same is the case with Tyson, it must have taken a hell of a lot of courage for him to ask Nattie out, given he had a close relationship with Hart’s Family. Eventually, they started dating in the year 2001 in November.

Nattie was only nineteen years old at that time. Their relationship was not an easy one, and the couple faced a lot of ups and downs, but together. Their love was much stronger than the difficulties they faced. Their love is a cliche boy next door type of love. “When I first saw Nattie, it sounds so made up, but I liked her instantly,” said Tyson in one of his interviews. Nattie on the other hand said it was not the same case with her.

This wrestling couple also signed their contracts for the very first time with World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc (WWE) around the same time. Tyson signed his contract in the year 2006 in November, and Nattie a year later in 2007 January finalized her contract with WWE. Initially, the couple was assigned to Deep South Wrestling, a wrestling TV Series but was later assigned to different shows, one to FCW while the other to OVW.

Nattie and TJ

Nattie and TJ

While Tyson was the one who signed the contract with WWE first, Nattie appeared on television before Tyson in the year 2008 in April, and Tyson was seen a year later in the year 2009 in February. In 2009 on May 12 Nattie along with her boyfriend, Tyson appeared on one of ECW’s episodes, later joined by David Hart Smith forming The Hart Trilogy which was later renamed The Hart Dynasty.

The couple decided to take their relationship a step ahead and tied the knot in the year 2013 on June 26, after dating for twelve years. It was just an official ceremony, the couple had been practically living as married even before marrying each other for real. They had a proper marriage ceremony because of Total Divas, which was to be featured in its 1st season episode in the year 2013 on September 15.

Total Divas showed the couple after and before married life. Nattie was a main part of the show, making Tyson also a part of it. He was later removed from the show after its 5th season. After the show, Tyson had to take retirement from his wrestling career due to his injury from one of his matches.

Nattie stood by him, while he was going through the toughest phase of his life. After his retirement, Tyson signed a contract with WWE and started working as a producer.

Nattie and TJ

Nattie and TJ

The couple is very much together and happy. Of course, they have their fighting moments, life is not all about sweetness and sugar, you need spicy moments in it to spice it up a bit.

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