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Tomodachi Game Episode 5 Release Date And Where To Watch?

Tomodachi Game Season 2

The mystery anime has many intense moments in every episode we have seen. Before speculating twists and turns of Tomodachi Game Episode 5, I will summarize the events so far. The last episode revealed the culprit behind the badmouthing Shihou, Tenji. Beneath the calm and comforting exterior of Tenji, there is a sadistic and exploitative character. Tenji wants to cut Shiho from all her friends and make her depend on him. He furthers up his agenda by creating strain between Shiho and Yutori. Yutori is innocent in this to an extent? But the way she uses her weakness to curry favor of Yuichi and try to separate him from Shihou is ostensible.

Tenji, on the other hand, used every twist and reveal to his advantage and isolated Shiho from everyone else. But a surprise came to him in mid when Shiho was given a unique chance to reveal the secret of any one of the participants. Tenji gets into a panic; all the trust he has built is against him, landing him in hot waters. He is the one who stole the money and the reason they are playing Tomodachi Game. His fears are unfound as Shibe volunteers to be the one to be selected for scrutiny, claiming he has nothing to hide. That is when Shibe learns his family’s dark secret.

Tomodachi Game

CC: Tomodachi Game Franchise

Tomodachi Game Episode 5

Things are heating up for Tomodachi Game Episode 5. Tenji has meticulously severed Shiho’s relations and even fractured Shibe’s standing among his friends. That is to be expected; he is a veteran, has a grudge against his childhood friend, and has a massive pile of debt to pay. Not only that, he made sure to oust his secret, only to drive Shiho into the corner even more. But he has been apprehensive about Yuichi since the beginning. Those fears came to light when the last spill came into light about Shibe. Someone suggested he had killed a person before. Tenji is shocked beyond surprise. First, he couldn’t believe he was doing something like that; second, he didn’t think he was capable of it. The second surprise is clarified when he sees Yuichi smiling, engulfed in black fog (in a symbolic) sense to show his true colors.
One of the gods watching over isn’t surprised by his actions. She even breaks the fourth wall to say only the gullible won’t notice what he has been up to. He was after the traitor all along.

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What is the release date of Tomodachi Game Episode 5?

The release date of Tomodachi Game Episode 5 is 4 May 2022, Wednesday for the Japanese and Australian regions. The other areas will have the show available at the time listed below on May 3rd Tuesday.

  • Pacific Time: 8:00 PT
  • Central Time: 10:00 CT
  • Eastern Time: 11:00 ET
  • British Time: 16:00 GMT
  • Indian Standard Time:  20:30 IST
  • Singapore TIme: 23:00 SNST
  • Australian TIme: 00:30 ( May 4)
Tomodachi Game

CC: Tomodachi Game Franchise


Where to watch Tomodachi Game Episode 5?

Crunchyroll has only licensed the series at present, it was part of Crunchyroll’s sampler till episode 3, but now a subscription is required to watch the series. Once it streams, Tomodachi Game Episode 5 can be watched on Crunchyroll’s page. Netflix and Hulu Can get the series once all the episodes have been sprayed.

Tomodachi Game

Tomodachi game tests the value of friendship to extreme ends. The main character Yūichi Katagiri is taught the importance of friendship at a young age. And he gets to live innocuous and happy times with his four friends. His days of bliss continue till high school until the day of school approaches. The funds for the class’s trip were stolen, and Yuichi, along with his four friends, gets entangled in the Tomodachi game. ( It is similar to the Squid game, but the concept was conceived way back in 2013). The game consists of a ranking of players who participate, and the player with the lowest rank wins a high amount. But will this bout of betrayal and scheming severe their friendship forever?

The Tomodachi game is created by Mikoto Yamaguchi, the writer, and Yuki Sato. Yuki Sato also does illustrations for the manga.

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