Ao Ashi Episode 5

Ao Ashi Episode 5 Release Date And Where To Watch?

The soccer by Production IG continues to be hyped by fans, and with the way things end, everyone is excited for Aoashi episode 5. In the last episode, the first half of the anime focused where it left on Episode 3, with the tryouts learning about the Esperion team’s handicap. It left everyone devasted and drained their fighting spirit, even the upbeat Ashito. They have last ten minutes proving their worth to the manager and coaches. Only Tachibana and Ohtomo have their wits on them. And with the rest of the team paralyzed by the earlier revelation, two of them are not enough to carry out a goal with them.

Ashito is hurting both in mind and body. His earlier injury done to him by Akatsu is pulsating even more and he was starting to have thoughts of giving up and going home. He looks around dizzy until his eyes fell on Fukuda, the glare from the manager made him realize he doesn’t wanna go home defeated, untried. He snaps out of the daze and focuses his mind back on the game. And in the play we see him use Bird’s view(visualizing the field) for the second time in the series.

Ao Ashi Episode 5
CC: Ao Ashi Franchise

Ao Ashi Episode 5

The coming episode will focus more on the emotional side of things rather than seeing football action. In the second part of the last episode, Ashito ends up with a letter and phone number from Hana, the football manager’s younger sister. His friends and family had a small celebration for his goal. Ashito being Ashito shows off a little bit later reveals he had made up his mind no matter what the result is. His brother tells him to call Hana and ask about the results, the results were due today but he still hadn’t gotten them yet. He dials her number outside with all of his friends having their ears plugged into the wall.

The next episode will see how the matter between Ashito and his mother will resolve. She has been quiet about his ambitions so far but finally expresses how she feels about him going away due to football. Going by the Manga this is what Hana and Ashito will talk about when they continue their conversation. With Hana being angry at Ashito for not discussing his goals with his mother, this would eventually lead to the resolution between Ashito and his mother.

Ao Ashi Episode 5
CC: Ao Ashi Franchise

What is the release date of Ao Ashi Episode 5?

The soccer anime, Aoashi episode 5 will release on Saturday 7th May in all the regions. The streaming time of the episode for the different regions is given below.

  • Pacific Daylight Time: 02.25
  • Central Daylight Time: 04.25
  • Eastern Daylight Time: 05.25
  • British Summer Time:  10.25
  • India Standard Time: 13.55
  • Japanse Standard Time: 17.25
  • Australian Time: 18.25

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Where to watch Ao Ashi Episode 5?

Crunchyroll is the only OTT platform that has licensed the series for international audiences, AoAshi episode 5 titled “Orange scenery” will stream there only. The sport, Coming of age anime will air on NHK education TV For in the Japanese region. Aoashi was not part of the sampler model scheme of Crunchyroll. You will need a subscription to online services to watch the episodes of the series.

What is Ao Ashi about?

Ao Ashi is a coming-of-age sports anime whose main protagonist is Aoi Ashito.In his third year, he is well known for his soccer skill in Ehime City Middle School. One day after practice Aoi is approached by Tatsuya Fukuda who recognizes his talent and asks him for tryouts in Esperion Youth club. Fukuda is a former football player who has retired and turned into a coach, he aims to make a team that will further Japanese football. Moved by the older man’s frenzy, he tells his family of this newfound ambition and, with their blessing, makes his way to the Espirion Youth club. What kind of people will Aoi meet, who will be his friends and rivals?

The anime is an adaptation of the manga by the same name. Yūgo Kobayashi is the creator of the series. He is the writer as well as the main illustrator of the manga.

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