Tomodachi Game Episode 6 Release Date And Where To Watch?

Tomodachi Episode episode 6

Yuuichi isn’t so dumb after all; the way he plotted everything at the end of the episode is just sublime. In all sincerity, we were sent for a goose chase too when Yuuichi’s first plan backfired. But fortunately, he finally came in clutch and turned things against Tenji. Tomodachi Game Episode 6 includes further twists and revelations that we’ll know soon enough. The characters of Tenji and Yuuichi are arguably the best so far with room for improvement for other characters. Things were simply pretty gore and tragic for the group but Yuuichi manages to turn things around for the best. The psychological aspect of the show is very minimal, but the moments where Yuuichi basically switches his persona at a whim are something to savor.

Tomodachi Episode episode 6

Tomodachi Game Episode 6

The anime gives the meaning of friendship a psychological twist and put a group of seemingly flawless friends against each other. The strategy and psychological anime, takes its roots in Danganronpa and Squid Games. However, we’re yet to see things get things out of hand, but we’re only 5 episodes in so far. The anime is gaining much fame in the community and fans want things to go a bit more psychotic. There are fans that want Yuuichi’s twisted side to get more screen time and it makes sense for the series to be popular in the long run. Before going into Tomodachi Episode 6, let’s take a quick recap of the last episode.

Tomodachi Game Episode 5 Recap

In the previous episode of Tomodachi Game, we witness Yuuichi in his element and also his twisted side. It’s almost like a flick of a switch that Yuuichi becomes this calm person and then instantly has this air of intensity around him, which is more psychotic than crazy. The star of the last episode is Yuuichi, no doubt about that. The episode begins with Tenji obsessing about his sinister plan to isolate Shiho from the rest of the friends. The episode is a face-off between Tenji and Yuuichi as they go on about with their own schemes. We get to see Shibe’s desperate attempt to convince everyone that he didn’t kill anyone but he fails. Shibe takes the lead place after taking the blame for something he didn’t do.

To stop this grim plan of sabotaging their friendship, Yuuichi comes ahead with a plan, which fails spectacularly, or does it? He explains the bias of Bad Mouth: Sugoroku and tells everyone his strategy that everyone should bad mouth themselves. This is the first time we actually see Tenji and Yuuichi go against each other, and Tenji seems to have the upper hand as he doubts the strategy will work and warns Yuuichi of losing his trust if the plan fails. Everyone goes ahead with the program, and it fails as Tenji exploits a loophole in the game. Yuuichi admits that all of this was a bluff.

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Shiho is back in the first place with only one place to reach the goal. Yuuichi plans another strategy. He asks everyone to write that they signed up for this game; however, no one but Tenji goes with the plan and is inadvertently caught as the traitor. Tomodachi Game Episode 6 might have an even more astounding twist ahead of us.

Tomodachi Episode episode 6

Tomodachi Game Episode 6 Release Date

Viewers can watch Tomodachi Episode 6 on the 11th of May 2022 at 11 AM ET. The show will also be available at 8 PM PT and 8:30 PM IST. The official title for Tomodachi Game Episode 6 is I Really Can’t Be Friends With A “Murderer.” The anime will bring to us yet another twist that will keep the viewers attached to their seats.

Where To Watch Tomodachi Game Episode 6?

Tomodachi Game Episode 6 will be available for viewers on the 11th of May at Crunchyroll. Currently, only Crunchyroll has exclusive streaming rights for the anime. Hopefully, more and more OTT platforms will have the anime once all the episodes are aired.

About Tomodachi Game

The psychological drama and strategy game anime is based on the manga of the same name. The anime’s main plot includes the contrasting difference in the meaning and importance of Friendship in a group of 5 five friends. Katagiri Yuuichi, the anime protagonist, is haunted by his early life experiences where he’s conflicted between the importance of money and friendship. The anime is becoming more and more popular among the audience that enjoys a twisted MC with high intelligence.

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