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Love After World Domination Episode 7 Release Date & Where To Watch

Love After World Domination Episode 7

The beach episode is here in Love After World Domination. Though, things didn’t fare quite similar to what fans thought initially. The beach episode isn’t exactly like the staple anime shows we see often. The new monster that the Gekko planned to recruit was none other than Reaper princess. We also get to see what’s happening in Desumi’s personal life for the first time. No doubt, she’s your typical Big Sister in the family who keeps everyone happy by being obedient. The previous episode also helps broaden Desumi’s horizon as they work on her character development. Fudou gives Desumi the support she needs to overcome her predicament. The episode does a super job of further establishing Fudou’s image as your genuine and competent Hero. Episode 7 of Love After World Domination will be available soon.


Love After World Domination Episode 7


Love After World Domination Episode 7

The anime is receiving much love from the fandom, and rightly so. It gets all the right components of romance, light comedy, and some sprinkles of action in the story. The animation quality is quite good too, which is always a great selling point. Most characters are getting love from fans. The previous episode of the anime helps us understand the life of Desumi in a better way. It also shows why she ended up with Dekko. Also, Beast and Reaper are becoming better friends than before. Hopefully, their dynamic gets explored in the upcoming episodes. Before diving further into Love After World Domination Episode 7, let’s take a recap.

Love After World Domination Episode 6 Recap

The Episode starts with Fudou & Desumi planning for a beach date as it’s a great idea for summer. Beast & Reaper are getting lunch together before getting the call to present themselves at the conference hall. Bossler here announces that he’s planning to promote Reaper from Princess to Monster. Reaper is unsure about this as this might complicate her relationship with Fudou. However, Desumi’s family seems very happy with the news as both her parents work with Gekko. Here, for the first time, we get to see how all her decisions have been influenced by her family of her parents directly. She’s the Big Sister who’s keeping her family together as her younger sister looks up to her and will join Gekko just like her.

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Fudou helps Desumi with the decision as she rejects the offer of promotion to Monster by fusing with a Mountain Gorilla. Earlier, however, Desumi routed information she got from Fudou that the Gelatos be at the beach. Bear, Steel, Beast, & Reaper are all waiting at the beach to ambush Gelatos. Gelatos scheme to test their new King Gelato Robo’s calf, which is also a submarine. Professor accidentally fires missiles at the beach that takes everyone out except Beast & Reaper.

Reaper nonchalantly walks toward Fudou with the rest of Gelato and eventually joins in. Unsuspecting Beast believes Reaper is infiltrating the enemy side while Desumi’s just having a fun time with Fudou. Blue Gelato tries to hit on Beast and keeps her occupied till the end of the episode. In the end, Professor accidentally blows up the submarine while misfiring the fireworks. Beast believes Reaper just pulled off something incredible, but that’s not the case.

Love After World Domination Episode 7

Episode 7 of Love After World Domination Release Date

Love After World Domination Episode 7 will be available for the viewers on the 20th of May 2022. The official title of Episode 7 of Love After World Domination is Desumi Magahara is the Monster I Made. The episode will air around 9 PM JST & 6 PM IST.

What can we expect in the upcoming episode of Love After World Domination?

There’s a high chance we’ll see Beast on the screen longer than in previous episodes. We believe that Reaper’s lovable side will be revealed to Beast as the title aptly points to her POV. It is a prevalent belief within the Gecko that Reaper is vicious and sinister. That belief system might fall apart for Beast by the end of the episode.

Where To Watch Love After World Domination Episode 7?

Viewers can watch Episode 7 of Love After World Domination on Crunchyroll on the 2oth of May 2022.

That’s it about Ep 7 of Love After World Domination. For more, stay tuned to Artistree

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