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Spy x Family Chapter 63 Release Date and Where to Read?

Spy x family Chapter 63

Spy X Family Chapter 63 will finally release this week. The last chapter was separated into three sections. Though the previous chapter was mainly about the dogs meeting at a park, The history of Twilight was one of the most requested aspects of the series, and the last few chapters have delivered the past of Twilight, aka Loid Forger, to us. Twilight’s interaction with Franky and his childhood buddies influenced his development into the person he is now. It is easy to infer that this was one of the most outstanding chapters in the Spy X Family Chapter manga series since it is a chapter containing character growth for Twilight.

With the conclusion of the last chapter this week, the manga will return with chapter 63 of Spy X Family. The upcoming chapter will feature new challenges for Twilight, aka Loid Forger, where he has to develop more ways to get close to his influential parents, Anya. Besides that, the animated series has also created a lot of hype where Anya is ruling everyone’s heart with her character. For more, scroll below to know more about what is about to happen in Chapter 63 of Spy x family and other information.

Spy x Family Chapter 63

Spy X Family, Chapter 62, Part 3 diverged from the preceding section. Twilight meets Franky after section 2 of Chapter 62, and events go as anticipated. Franky begged Twilight, also known as Sergeant Roland, not to kill him and requested food. Twilight, also known as Sergeant Roland, was prepared to shoot Franky. They shared a cigarette, and as soon as they got into an argument, they were shot, resulting in Twilight being hurt and Franky fleeing. Due to his injury, he was assigned to military kitchen duties.

There, Twilight discovered that his childhood buddies were still living. After seeing them, he wept and urged them to hang around. However, his companions were given an assignment that resulted in their deaths this time. Twilight lost all hope after learning that his childhood buddies had died for real this time. He questioned his decision to join the military. Twilight reflected on Franky’s comments regarding “Ignorance” and concluded that ignorance is a weakness.

Then, a member of Military Intelligence contacted him, and he revealed that he knew Twilight’s actual name. He informed Twilight that his abilities were being squandered and that he should assist them in obtaining “Information.” Twilight pondered that even if we did, his companions could not be brought back at this point. According to him, he became a Spy for “no reason,” but Military Intelligence labels him a liar.

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When will Spy x Family Chapter 63 Released?

Spy X Family Chapter 63 will be released on the final Sunday of this month, 12th June 2022. Twilight awoke after the chapter at his present house with Anya and Yor by his side. Chapter 63 of Spy X Family will see Anya and Damian becoming friends, which is Plan B. The usual humor of Anya and the coldness of Loid and Yor will return.

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Where to read Spy x Family Chapter 63?

Once it is published, Chapter 63 of Spy X Family will be available on VIZ and Mangaplus. Additionally, you may read the last three chapters of both books for free. A membership price must be paid to acquire full access to the manga. Reading the chapter from official websites and supporting our authors is always recommended.

About Spy x Family

The plot revolves around a spy who must create a family to complete a task, unaware that the girl he adopts as his daughter is a telepath and that the lady he agrees to marry is a competent assassin. Each for their motives, a spy, a killer, and a telepath pretend as a family while concealing their real identities from one another. The spy is often known by the name Twilight and feared by all organizations for his skill in hiding his identity, fulfilling his duty as a spy, and delivering and receiving information. However, this time, his objective is to provide peace to both nations. The manga has recently been animated. The episodes are released every Sunday on Netflix worldwide. Based on the popular manga by Tatsuya Endo, written and drawn, and published by Shueisha.

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