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Top Five Animes Like Spy X Family

Spy x family episode 6

Spy X Family took the world by storm. It already had a good following before it was animated, but after the anime adaption, its popularity skyrocketed. But what makes the show so appealing? The main things that set the show apart are its theme, characters, and character dynamics. The show started with an emphasis on people’s hides they wouldn’t reveal. And the forger family is the expression of it, literally and metaphorically. All the members of the forger family have a social front as well as their secrets. Loid plays the role of the father while being a secret agent on the side. Yor is an office lady with assassination as her side biz. And lastly, Anya is a child with the ability to read minds. And their chemistry wants you to watch animes similar to Spy X Family.

Whatever the show, there is always one thing that sets it apart from others. And the main driving force of Spy X Family is undoubtedly Anya. She brings the world of Loid and Yor together and sets them together. But that is only half true, her fake parents also make her life bright and sparkly. Before being a forger, Anya lived a dreary existence with nowhere to escape. And as the family was set up and put together, the show truly began to shine. Seeing how many things this show does right makes you want to watch shows like it. There is a good catalog to choose from if you want to watch animes similar to Spy X Family. Below are the top five animes like Spy X Family.

Top Five Animes Similar To Spy X Family

World’s Finest Assassin

 Perspective is a funny thing. When the first few episodes of this episode it was met with praise and admiration. Finally, an Isekai with a non-generic MC that isn’t a self-insert character. And then people learned who the author was; it left many speechless and in awe just by the name alone. Yes, this fine story is written by the author of Redo of the Healer but surprisingly, it didn’t feel that way. This story has focus, character, and character development that is unexpected but organic. The main character, Lugh, is on a mission to save the world while pretending to be normal. He is similar to Loid in many ways, and their MO and dedication are comparable. What’s more, their missions share similarities as well, with it being the fate of the world. 

Lugh’s inherent similarities with Loid are what make the show look like Spy X Family. But there is no Anya in the isekai show, meaning Lugh doesn’t have to leave the fate of the world to someone else. But Similar to Spy X Family the character development is worth the watch.

Dawn of the Witch

When it comes to anime with lightheartedness and with a hint of darkness, Dawn of the Witch anime is like Spy X Family. What makes them different is the characters and the events of the world. In Dawn of the witch, the world is recovering from the war and brimming with contempt and hatred towards witches. The story focuses on raising characters with integrity and care, so they don’t tread the wrong path in life. But Similar to Spy X Family parental figures are guiding the young to a better future.

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 No high stakes, no past wars, and no reincarnated mission. Deaimon is just a show about the shop and the people related to it. Though, Itsuka and Nagomu share a weak familial bond that grows throughout the series. Their relationship in the anime is similar to Spy X Family’s Loir and Anya. But they don’t interact the same way as those two. Nagomu is easy-going and good at heart, with wisdom in tow. At the same time, Itsuka is a lost child who is learning to get over her abandoning her. You will love this show for its characters and sweet’s metaphors.

Deaimon Episode 10 Release Date

CC: Deaimon Franchise

Sweetness and lightning

Speaking of sweets, here is another father-daughter you will love, but in this one, they are related by blood. Kohei is the only parent after his wife died unexpectedly a few months ago. He is a teacher at school and takes care of his daughter Tsumugi to the best of his abilities. Just like Deaimon, the show is soft on the inside and doesn’t have any heavy themes. The anime is similar to Spy X Family only in terms of the character relations regard and a relaxing watch.

Honorable mentions: Jujutsu Kaisen

Anya and Yuji are both orphans who are trying to fit into the new world that they have been thrown into. In this anime, similar to Spy X Family, the protagonist is forced to go to a school as part of their new world. Also, they look like siblings…

Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 187

Assassination Classroom

This anime is a real tear-jerker; if you have never cried to an anime before, this will be your first. The characters, the settings, and their growth are unlike any anime that came before. Here instead of one character going to school to save the world, there are twenty-eight. This anime, like Spy X Family, has characters who attend to decide the world’s fate. If you have not watched this show, I would say you are missing out on life. 

What is Spy X Family about?

In the espionage world of Spy x Family, the world is in a politically unstable climate. One wrong move can trigger another world war. And to make matters worse, there is already movement in the shadows that could start the next battle. To stop this, the secret service puts their best agent to task and gets him to infiltrate secrets out of the heinous parties involved. However, Loid needs to become a family man to get closer to his enemies. As a result, Loid begrudgingly forms the Forger family and gets into the task of molding a model family for world peace.

Tetsuya Endo created the  Spy x Family series. He is the writer as well as the prominent illustrator of the series. The series is adapted into anime by a Joint effort between Wit Studio and CloverWorks. The anime is available on Crunchyroll and Netflix.

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