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Top 10 Sports Anime Of All Time

Top 10 Sports Anime Of All Time

Sports is one of the things that people can easily relate to and argue over. Love them or hate them you are gonna learn a thing or two about them. And anime is no stranger to that fact, but you will be surprised to learn how many sports anime the medium has. There is at least one sports anime that comes out every season. Even if people are not into live-action sports, you will be surprised to learn they still adore their animes. Perhaps it’s the lack of a soundtrack? Regardless of the reason, we present the top 10 sports anime of all time that you can help with. These are the anime that will make your heart rush and turn the gear in your head at an unimaginable speed.

Top 10 Sports Anime Of All Time

We Have The Top 10 Sports Anime Of All Time

10) Ballroom E Youkoso

Sometimes a protagonist needs to be at the right time to realize what they ought to do. Tatara is your typical listless protagonist with no prospects or goals for the future. He just wants to get by and blend in with the crowd. But his passives attract bullies that give him the hard time he tries so hard to run from. One day when he was getting mugged, he is saved by a tall man wearing a helmet. The helmet man took him to his studio and Tatara discovered his muse. Give his one a chance, it deserves a spot in the top 10 sports anime for a reason. 

9) Kaze Ga Tsuyoku Fuiteiru

While most top-tier sports anime are about high school students aiming for the top, this series is not. The protagonist (Kakeru) here is a runner in high school who is introduced to us as he shoplifts. Seeing his running, a fourth-year senior(Haiji) persuades him to join his dormitory. It turns out to be a trap as the dormitory is a clubhouse for the racing club. Haiji has assembled novices (except Kakeru) for an inter-college relay marathon.

8) Chihayafura

Chihaya lives sedentary life and supports her big sister’s modeling career. Like Tatara, she doesn’t have prospects or goals of her own. This notion of her life changes when she meets a boy named Wataya in middle school. He is an aspiring Karuta player who showed the ropes of the sport. Her view on life changed, and she found the thing she could devote her life to. In high school, she formed a Katura club, working to recruit members who are passionate about Katara just like her. This anime is about mental prowess, and the way it is handled deserved it a spot on

7) Baby Steps

Eiichiro is a workaholic honor student who is unsatisfied with his present circumstances. He decided to do something about it, and as fate would have it Tennis club was recruiting. Aptly, he soon learns he is lacking in physique to keep up with the club members. However, his workaholic nature took over and he decided to get better at it. As he gets better he is fascinated by the sport and thrives to improve.

6) Yowamushi Pedal

This story has the funniest synopsis among all the series on the list. And the series has quite a bit of comedy to it too. Sakamichi is an otaku and outcast who didn’t make many friends in high school. Saddened by no memories of middle school, he decides to change that in high school. His luck betrays him again as Otaku Club has been closed due to a lack of members. Things become interesting when a fellow freshman named Shunsuke saw Sakamichi ride a bulky bicycle uphill with ease. Later, another freshman (Naruko) Sakamichi’s cycling and is impressed by it. The fellow freshmen get together and convince Sakamichi to join the cycling club.

5) Diamond No Ace

One of the best Baseball sports anime to this date and a serious contender for the top spot. Eijun has an unusual pitching, unpredictable to everyone including him. His lack of control made his middle school lose the last match of their middle school. Overcome with grief, he and his friends decide to give it theirs in high school. But fate had bigger plans for him, he is scouted by a baseball team to join their ranks and from there it was history in making. The plot has similar beats to Haikyuu but the characters, plots, and differences in the sport make it worthwhile.

Diamond No Ace

A still from Diamond No Ace

4) Ping Pong The Animation

Don’t judge a book by its cover, don’t judge an anime by its art. It has been said far more than enough but we still judge things by their first impression. But every sports anime lover has watched the show and talks fervently about it. Peco and Smile are childhood friends who have been playing ping pong together whenever they could. The two are the polar opposite of each other with Peco being Type A with a smile being Type B. When Peco Leaves ping pong after a devastating against a Chinese player Smile remains passive and doesn’t try to overcome his barrier. But, their Coach notices Smile’s potential and helps him grow out of his passiveness.

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3) Kuroko No Basket

This series needs no introduction as Kuroko no basket is one of the most popular sports anime out there. The story follows Kuroku who is unnoticeable inside and outside of court. He is referred to as a phantom player among the generation of miracles. When he joins Seirin High along with a fellow freshman, things start to change for Seirin’s high school basketball. An easy pick for the top sports anime of all time.

2) Hajime No Ippo

The rocky of anime, Hajime long held the title of best anime in the world. The show has continued to inspire generations through and through. The series follows the life of Ippo who has been bullied throughout his life. He wishes to change his circumstances but lacks the means to do so. He finds his calling when he is saved by a boxer on his way who then takes him to his gym. Ippo takes out his frustration on boxing bags and finds the change he needs.

1) Haikyuu

Unrivaled king of anime. Recommend it to anyone as their first anime and they will become fanboy/fangirl overnight. Unlike most sports anime, the story follows two protagonists. The two started as rivals but end up in the high school for their volleyball team of a once-famous school. Now with the underdogs, the team works to get over the top before the seniors are out of their time and graduate high school. Haikyuu is unrivaled to this day.

Top 10 Sports Of All Time

CC: Haikyuu Franchise

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