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Top 15 Best Uncensored Anime Of All Time

Anime, as all of us know, is usually targeted at a younger audience. It is understandable as many people who watch it are young. But there are many different categories of anime; among them is Uncensored Anime. This chest is full of surprises that are much different than the regular anime. Some of the anime that lie within the uncensored anime genre has explicit scenes, gore, extreme violence, and many other things that are just too disturbing for many people. In this genre, much amazing uncensored anime deserves to be on the list, and we have selected 15 of the best-uncensored anime of time. Let’s begin:-

15. Golden Boy

Golden Boy

First on our uncensored anime list is none other than the Golden Boy anime. This is based on the manga with the same name written and illustrated by Tatsuya Egawa. It is an anime that aims at a mature audience as it has many insane themes and many inappropriate scenes. The story of the show revolves around a 25-year-old guy named Kintaro Oe. He is in search of life lessons. He is a genius character who was a bright student who dropped out of Tokyo University’s law program and now leads a simple life. Kintaro now rides his bicycle and has many part-time jobs in a software company to noodle restaurants. He does all this to learn everything that this world has to offer. Although Kintaro is a kind person, his weakness lies in the list of beautiful women.

14. High School DxD

highschool dxd anime

This anime takes place in Kuoh Academy, which once was an all-girls school that turned co-ed recently. This school has its secrets which is that this school is not only attended by normal humans but also Tenshi (Angels), Datenshi (Fallen Angels), and Akuma (Devils). Amongst the students is Issei Hyodo, a human in his second year who lives a peaceful life. He then dates a girl named Yuma Amano, and she requests him to die for her during that time. She kills and revives him as a devil, making Issei his servant. The anime deserves to be on the uncensored anime list.

13. Prison School

Prison School

This anime series is set in the Hachimitsu Academy, which is one of the strictest girls’ academies in Tokyo that suddenly decide to accept boys into their system. Kiyoshi Fujino is one of the candidates who entered the school but soon realizes that his other four friends, Takehito Morokuzu, Shingo Wakamoto, Jouji Nezu, and Reiji Andou, are the only male student. The school is rigorous as it punishes the students for even a tiny thing by putting them in the school prison. The Underground Student Council arrests all the boys for some reason. They can stay a month in the school’s Prison Block or be expelled.

12. Terra Formars

In the 21 century, people of earth are trying to travel to Mars. Scientists have been tasked with warming the planet so humans could survive on Mars’ surface. They aimed to achieve this by sending cockroaches and mold. Now the year is 2577 when the first ship with six crew members managed to land on Mars, but as they were about to begin their mission, they discovered that there were humanoid cockroaches with unrivaled physical strength. The crew is wiped out, but they can send a transmission back to Earth, and now Earth send their elite warriors to eradicate this infestation.

11. High School Of The Dead

The story takes place in Japan, where a deadly pandemic can turn people into zombies. We then follow the story of a group of high school students and a nurse trying their best to survive this outbreak. It is during their escape that they meet threats which include fellow survivors and zombies as well. Their journey takes them to many places, a mall, a police station, and many other places to reach the safe zone. This anime is based on the manga series by the same name, written by Daisuke Satō and illustrated by Shōji Satō. The anime has a total of 12 episodes which includes OVAs as well.

10. The Fruit of Grisaia

Uncensored anime

The Fruit of Grisaia

It wasn’t originally the anime because it was a visual novel adapted into an anime. The anime was developed by Eight Bit, a 13-episode long and six specials. It is set in the Mihama Academy, which can be easily described in one word, which is prison. Five female students call this place home that has their reasons. With the arrival of a male student, the rhythm of Mihama changes drastically.

09. To Love Ru

tu love ru

On the ninth spot is To Love Ru, which follows the story when an alien from planet Deviluke runs away from his world for some reason. It goes into hiding on earth, where she meets a human named Yuuki Rito. Under some circumstances, she wants him to marry her, but on the other hand, he doesn’t want to do so for obvious reasons.

08. Ishuzoku Reviewers

Uncensored anime

Ishuzoku Reviewers

This series is written by Amahara and illustrated by Masha. It is set in the world where human Stunk and the elf Zel live in the same world. We follow two characters named Stunk and Zel, who have different tastes regarding women. It becomes the reason for them starting to argue with one another which is as to what is the best race. To answer this question, they go to the brothels of all different species. They find out that this endeavor can make their money and, at the same time, continue this quest of theirs.

07. Kill La Kill

kill la kill

Set in the Honnouji Academy, controlled by the student council and its president, Satsuki Kiryuuin, with an iron fist. There comes a student named Ryuuko Matoi, who has a massive sword with her half scissors. She is on a mission to look for the person that holds the other half of the scissors who killed her father. On this mission, she meets many people, and as she gets closer and closer to that person, more things are revealed to her.

06. Deadman Wonderland

Yet another anime produced by Madhouse, and a perfect one at that. The anime is based on the manga series by the same name. It was written by Jinsei Kataoka and illustrated by Kazuma Kondou. The anime follows the story of a boy named Ganta, the only survivor of a brutal event that killed his entire class. He was then framed for the murder of his classmates, which he didn’t do. In truth, they were killed by a character that dawned the color red, and during its killing spree, the killer implanted a red crystal in him (Ganta). It leads him to prison, where he has to take on the inmates to survive. But at the same time, get to the bottom of this mystery.

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05. Afro Samurai

Afro Samurai

It is a manga series written and illustrated by manga artist Takashi Okazaki. Its anime was released in 2007 and ended in the same year. It was praised for its animation. The story is set in a world where world is futuristic, but at the same time, there are guns, swords, kimonos, cybernetic body parts, and cell phones. The protagonist, Afro Samurai, is out for revenge because a man named Justice killed his father. Afro’s father, the #1 fighter in the world, lost the title along with his life. Through hard work and countless battles, he reached #2. He is now on a quest to find Justice and take his long-awaited revenge. B, it is easier said than done as many people want the #2 position, and Afro has to fight through all this to reach his goal.

04. Nana

Nana anime

Nana is one of the best anime of its time, and it had a very positive response from the audience and the fans. It follows the story of two characters, Nana Osaki, an ambitious young woman who is strong-willed with a rough past. She is a member of a punk band named Black Stones. Osaki only wants fame and recognition more than anything else in the world. The second one is called Nana Komatsu, a flighty young woman who, as a very weak will bit, has a stable past. The goal of her life is to find the love of her life and get married. Their path crosses one another when they travel to Tokyo as they pursue their dreams and become each other’s roommates. We follow their story as they find their true vision.

03. Tokyo Ghoul

Tokyo Ghoul

Set in a world where humans and ghouls live in the same society. They don’t have that much difference other than Ghouls having a desire for human flesh all the time. It follows the story of Kaneki Ken, that lives in this dangerous world that is alone but dates a beautiful girl named Rize. What he thought was love what something else as she is a Ghoul that wants to devour Kaneki. Kaneki was saved by a miracle or someone from dying when he lost all hope. Afterward, he then becomes a first half-human, half-ghoul hybrid. He is now a Ghoul fighting for survival who wants to live his life peacefully, but this doesn’t happen as everyone wants something from him.

02. Hellsing Ultimate

Hellsing Ultimate

It is a manga series written and illustrated by Kouta Hirano. A top-rated series that eventually had an action-filled anime adaptation. It only has a total of 10 episodes. Hellsing was handled by now other than Madhouse. They are renowned in the anime community for their exceptional animation quality. The story is set in modern-day England, where vampires and ghouls roam the world, constantly trying to hunt people to fulfill their needs. But between them and the innocent people of the world stands an organization called Hellsing foundation. There are new beings on the rise, humans who have to give chips that grant them vampiric ability. It is now up to Alucard, an ancient vampire, and his newly turned vampire, Seras Victoria, to rid London of this thing.

01. Berserk

It is one of the most influential manga series of all time, and Berserk is considered by many to be a flawless masterpiece. It has two anime series which follow the story somewhat loosely. We follow the story of Guts, renowned worldwide as the Black Swordman. He hunts demons who are called “Apostles” to rid the world of them, and at the same time, it draws him closer to his goal, which is to find where the divine begins, known as “God Hand,” are to kill one of its member who once was his friend but now is turned into an enemy who done terrible things to Guts. It is, without a doubt, one of the best-uncensored anime of all time.

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