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Rent a Girlfriend Season 2 Episode 5 Release Date And Where To Watch


Written by Reiji Miyajima, the manga Rent a Girlfriend is a huge success, especially in China, fans also appreciate the anime. Rent a Girlfriend Season 2 Episode 5 will release soon, and we cannot wait for it to release. The story revolves around Kazuya Kinoshita, a 20-year-old who, after being dumped by his girlfriend, Mami Nanami, decides to give dating apps a shot.

He chooses an app that lets him rent a girlfriend. Chizuru Mizuhara was the first girl he rented, but he gave her a low rating. The experience wasn’t authentic enough. Things change when Chizuru meets Mizuhara’s ill grandmother. The grandmother likes her. Kazuya and Chizuru also realize that they are neighbors. Season 1 left the fans waiting for the next season eagerly.

Rent A Girlfriend Episode 4 Recap

Episode 4 of Rent, a Girlfriend, was quite interesting. Kazuya was scared of the confrontation with Mami. He knew she was going to ask about Mizuhara, and he got out of it by giving everything between them the title of “research.” Sadly, Mami doesn’t buy this at all. On the way back to his apartment, Kazuya runs into Ruka Sarashina, who shows the desire to cook for him. She is shown purchasing everything she needs, nearly emptying Kazuya’s savings. Kazuya got all red-faced seeing Ruka cooking just for him. Kazuya was immensely happy because of the delicious curry.


After finishing the meals, they watched TV shows, where Kazuya learned about Ruka’s plans to stay overnight through her phone. Ruka got angry seeing Kazuya’s concern for his next-door neighbor Mizuhara and started speaking loudly to draw attention. She didn’t stop here; she pulled out contraceptives which made Kazuya turn off the lights and sleep far away from Ruka. Ruka tries to snuggle with him while he has a hard time sleeping. The former takes pity on herself, making the latter tell her how he feels about her, which made her day.

In the end, Ruka thanked Kazuya in a loud tone in the morning to draw Mizuhara’s attention which she was successful at doing. Let’s see what new twists and turns come in episode 5.

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Where To Watch Rent A Girlfriend Season 2 Episode 5?

Rent a Girlfriend episode 5 of season 2 is available on Crunchyroll. People who are new to this anime can also watch the first season. Sadly, this anime isn’t available on platforms like Amazon Prime, Hotstar, Netflix, etc. Fans in Asia can also watch the latest episodes and the previous ones of Rent a Girlfriend Season 2 on Muse Asia’s YouTube channel.


When Is Rent a Girlfriend Season 2 Episode 5 Release Date?

Rent a Girlfriend Season 2 Episode 5 is titled “Birthday and Girlfriend.” The episode will be released this Friday, 29th July 2022, at 01:25 a.m. JST. It will release on 29th July 2022 at 09:55 p.m. IST/ 29th July 2022 at 09:25 a.m. PT/ 29th July 2022 at 11:25 a.m. CT. Fans should put their notifications on for the episode as it will be funny, cute, and everything we have been waiting for.

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