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5 Anime Similar To One Piece A Must-Watch List


One Piece is one of those anime that has impacted the lives of its audience. Fans love this anime to the core and are always searching for anime similar to one Piece. Here we have a list of 5 anime similar to one Piece. There are a few other anime that captures the same essence of adventure, inspiration, kinship, and infinite possibilities the way One Piece does.

We are here to save you from the mess of not knowing what to watch next after completing One Piece. Every time there is a gap in One Piece’s episodes, there is an unsettling feeling of not knowing what to watch next. Keeping this in mind, here is a list of a few animes that would keep you invested almost the same way as One Piece.

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5 Anime Similar To One Piece

5. Dragon Ball

If you love One Piece, you must watch the original Dragon Ball. This anime is a favorite of every anime lover. The anime follows the adventure of the martial arts-loving son Goku. He goes on his journey to collect all seven dragon balls. On this journey, he has several battles with enemies. Fans can draw parallels between Dragon Ball and One Piece.

Luffy and Goku are determined and dedicated heroes. Both lead on their quests and make special friends along the way. Friends who are different, misfits, but loyal to the core.


4. Hunter x Hunter

Hunter x Hunter is a different genre but contains the same excitement and action of an intriguing series, and this makes it refreshing. Fans love this anime and take on the adventure. Gon Freecs discovers his father as a world-famous Hunter. He realizes he wants to live the same lifestyle and find his father on this journey. The show has a lot of trials, hunter exams, and threats along the way, which makes the viewers invested in the show. The show is well known for its storyline, characters, and animation.


3. Black Lagoon

This anime is the more dark and more violent show on this list. The one connecting factor of this anime with One Piece is Pirates. Rokurou Okajima, a businessman, gets kidnapped by a pirate group. The group is known as the Lagoon Company. Okajima joins the group and helps them with their money-making missions.

Lagoon company works on smuggling in a very dangerous world and often ends up in trouble. This anime has a lot of fast-paced action, a look into the dark pirate life, and boat chases.



2. FullMetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

This is one of the most beloved and one of the most similar anime out of 5, similar to One Piece. The anime story is closer to that of manga. Alphonse Elric and Edward use alchemy to resurrect their dead mother. Sadly, the magic backfires and harms the boys. The magic leaves the boys physically harmed. The boys go on their journey to find the Philosopher’s stone to restore their altered bodies.

This anime is filled with charming characters and a realistic world. FullMetal Alchemist: Brotherhood is quite a long anime with 64 episodes, but the emotional connection with these boys makes this anime worth watching.


1. My Hero Academia

This anime is my favorite anime of all time. My Hero Academia has everyone glued from the first episode itself. This anime deserves all its praises for the exploration of Heroics. My Hero Academia’s premise is set in a world where every person has superpowers. The name for these powers is quirks. The protagonist of this anime is Izuku Midoriya.


Midoriya is born without quirks. Even though he is ordinary, he becomes the world’s greatest hero. He receives help from Deku for the same. Deku is the greatest hero currently. This show blends action with comedy in perfect harmony. There is no other show like this one. Each episode makes you fall for this anime more. Midoriya overcomes all the villains and bullies in the show and truly inspires you to be a hero. You can watch this anime on Hulu.

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