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10 Anime To Watch With Parents

Anime To Watch With Parents
Anime To Watch With Parents (Credit: Tokyo TV)

Those who know about anime are well aware of the fact that it is one of the main sources of entertainment for anime fans over the globe. For each individual’s liking, there is some or other anime which is present in the library. So, do you want some recommendations for enjoying anime with your parents? Then you have started taking recommendations from the right place.

With the help of anime, you will be able to introduce a new world to your parents with lots of entertainment and excitement, as it will help you to spend more time with them.

Having memories with your parents is the ultimate bliss that one can experience in their life, and to make that happen, this anime recommendation list will help you. Here, I will recommend ten anime series that you can enjoy with your parents.

Demon Slayer

Tanjiro Kamado, along with his family, used to live in the forest. They used to live by selling charcoal in the local market. One day, Tanjiro, while returning from selling charcoal, experiences a horrifying sight when he sees that his family was slaughtered by a demon. While searching for any survivor, he encounters his little sister, Nezuko, who turned into a demon but has hope of turning back into a human. Tanjiro then decides to avenge his family and find a cure for his sister.

He then joins the Demon Slayer Corps and starts his intense training under the guidance of very highly skilled sword users who use nichirin swords that are specially made to slay demons. With the joining of two other fresh recruits, Zenitsu Agatsuma, and Inosuke Hashibara, they together form a team and are assigned various missions to get hands-on experience in slaying demons.

Demon Slayer

Demon Slayer (Credits: Tokyo MX, GTV)

Demon Slayer comes with an engaging storyline and beautiful visuals, and background music to help viewers get goosebumps during their journey. Not only it teaches us the importance of training and determination, but it also teaches the value of family, friends and the determination to save them.

You and your family will definitely have an engaging and meaningful discussion that will allow everyone to share their views on the values that are presented by the Demon Slayer in real-life scenarios.


Not everyone is clear about their future goals and dreams that they need to achieve while growing toward adulthood. Tomoya Okazaki is in a similar situation. He is not clear about his goals and is just having fun along with his friend, Youhei Sunohara. While Tomoya was walking towards school, he saw Nagisa Furukawa, a shy and clumsy girl who wanted to revive the Drama Club at their school. She asked for Tomoya’s help, but he refused at first.

After seeing her determination to revive the Drama Club, he agrees to help her. They both spent time together and met various people who had their own personal struggles and goals to achieve. They experienced a roller coaster of emotions and events due to many interactions.

Clannad is the perfect anime for understanding the parent-child relationship and the struggles that both of them face at a particular point in time. It reveals the struggling phase that we all go through once in our lifetime.


Clannad (Credits: Toei Animation)

Due to its engaging storyline and simple way of giving a message to its audience, it lets you be more emotional and understand the importance of trust a parent keeps in his child, along with the responsibilities that a child should perform for parents. You will definitely cherish your precious moments with your parents and will also understand your responsibility to listen to their problems whenever difficult times arise in their life after watching this anime series.

Spy x Family

In a world full of politics and power, two nations are working hard to suppress each other’s presence. Agent Twilight is assigned a mission to infiltrate an elite school to gather crucial information from an elite high-power authority. He is disguised as a normal person and wants to create a family to avoid any suspicion. As a part of his mission, he adopts a girl, Anya, and also proposes to Yor for marriage after analyzing their situation.

Twilight does not know that Anya has Esper power to read minds and Yor is a skilled assassin. Since they all are keeping their identities secret, they find themselves in many chaotic and hilarious situations.


Spy x Family (Credits: TXN, TV Tokyo)

Spy x Family is a family-friendly anime that explains the importance of family in one’s life. It also teaches that the family can also be formed through mutual trust and relationships between each other and not just by blood relations.

Black Clover

The world is full of magic users, with magic as one of the essentials to live in this world. But Asta, who dreams of becoming the Wizard King of the kingdom, is void of magic and faces discrimination among the village children. Along with Yuno, who possesses great magic talent, they both decide to join Magic Knights in order to become the Wizard King.

After joining the Magic Knights, both went into intense training with a group of various skilled mages. They were trained by experiencing various challenges, enemies, and rivalries among their own Magic Knight group.

Black Clover

Black Clover (Credits: TXN (TV Tokyo))

Black Clover is the cocktail of emotions that teaches us the importance of determination and intense training to achieve one’s dreams and goals. Due to its great story and banger opening and closing theme songs, it is the perfect source of entertainment.


If you know that “Laughter is the best medicine,” then this anime is the perfect medicine for the sad and depressed ones. Every episode is unique in its way to make you laugh by experiencing the daily lives of a high school girls trio, namely, Yuuki Aioi, Mio Maganohara, and Mai Minakami. Along with them, professor Hakase Shinonome, robot caretaker Nano and their talking cat, Sakamoto, will also give as much medicine as the trio will give.

Their lives are shown in various comedic and hilarious situations, and you will love their reactions during that situations. Each character performs its unique style of drama and activities that keeps you entertained all the time. With lots of gags, clever wordplay, and a unique animation style, it will create a joyful and loving atmosphere that will cure your negative thoughts during its medication.


Nichijou (Credits: TV Aichi, Chiba TV)

Nichijou is a type of medical process that will help you to understand the importance of optimism and finding precious moments and memories of your surrounding environment. It teaches us about accepting childlike behavior in ourselves and giving it a higher rank in you, which will help us to recognize ourselves from what we were and what we have become.

Skip and Loafer

Imagine you live in a faraway countryside town, and it was your world till now. But as you grow, you need to exit from that world and enter into a new world in order to grow into an independent person. Such is the story of Mitsumi Iwakura, who dreams of becoming a politician to improve infrastructure in her hometown and is set to start her high school journey in Tokyo.

With the attribute of kindness and self-motivated, she well plans the schedule, but due to overexcitement, she lost her way to the school. She met with Sousuke Shima, who agreed to help her find her way. During school, they spent time together and became friends over time.

Skip and Loafer

Skip and Loafer (Credits: Tokyo MX)

Skip and Loafer is a very heartwarming, funny, and relaxing anime with simple yet clear animation that will make you enjoy the story. Friends, relationship, and how to treasure it is the main topic on which the anime is focused.

Fruits Basket

Just give it a thought that you have lost you’re only loved one in an accident, and now you do not own anything besides some belongings and need to live in a tent in a forest. Such is the life Tohru Honda is living in her high school life. She is a kind-hearted, selfless high school girl who lives alone in a tent after facing a personal tragedy. The land on which she is camping is owned by the Sohma family, who have their own secrets.

Soon, Tohru gets to know their family secret when she encounters the family members Yuki, Kyo, and Shigure. The secret is that certain members are cursed such that they will transform into animals related to the Chinese zodiac whenever they embrace themselves with the opposite gender.

They soon spent time together and became friends. As they are now close to each other, Tohru experiences the emotional scars, and family conflicts that they all face due to their curse.

Fruits Basket

Fruits Basket (Credits: TV Tokyo)

Fruits Basket is the perfect anime to understand the importance of family and its relationship in one’s life. Regardless of any conflict between members, there is still a thread of bond that keeps the family members intact. It encourages everyone about the importance of relationships between people and their potential to improve personal growth and development in one’s life.

Dr. Stone

You are spending your normal day at high school, and suddenly a mysterious light falls on the earth. This light turned every person into stone. After thousands of years, Senku Ishigami came out of the petrified state and decided to rebuild human society using the power of science.

As he examines his environment to discover the method to remove petrification, he also starts to make necessary scientific tools. After knowing the method to remove petrification, he, along with his friends, works together to revive the remaining survivors. But some survivors have the opposite ideology of reviving humanity. They soon discover themselves in a clash of opinions, so how will Senku deal with this situation?

Dr. Stone

Dr. Stone (Credits: Tokyo MX, KBS)

Dr. Stone is an anime with a mixture of comedy, creativity, and gaining knowledge about the broad category of science. Everyone watching the anime will definitely develop an interest in the stream who first does not have any interest in science. It will help everyone to explore the world from a different point of view.

Moriarty the Patriot

During the 19th century, England started its industrialization, which resulted in more discrimination between two sections of society. William James Moriarty is a mysterious character who has top knowledge in mathematics and strategic planning. He has also experienced how people with power and wealth exploit the weaker section of society.

William always had a sense of justice towards the ongoing situation in society. So, he decided to start a mission with his brothers to vaccinate society from its current corrupt mindset with the help of his intellect and strategic planning to enact his form of justice.

Moriarty the Patriot

Moriarty the Patriot (Credits: Tokyo MX, BS11, MBS)

Moriarty the Patriot is a suspenseful and dark anime that shows the ground reality of the situation in society. The question will arise like – What is Justice? Where can I get it? How long do I need to wait for it? During watching, you will have thoughts about the true definition of equality and social justice.

Vivy – Fluorite Eye’s Song

Everyone is talking about AI in this world, and it is now an emerging field in the near future. How much dependent will we humans become on AI? For every task, AI will be created to replace humans in the future, just like Vivy was created. She was designed to bring happiness through her singing.

With constant learning and observation, she now understands that there will be a war between AI and Humans for their existence. She receives the task to stop the war and uses her singing to bring people together such that they will understand the situation and try to somehow prevent it. She finds some allies and tries to get help from them after explaining the situation.

Vivy - Fluorite Eye's Song

Vivy – Fluorite Eye’s Song (Credits: Tokyo MX, GYT, GTV)

Vivy: Fluorite Eye’s Song has one the most beautiful visuals and music that well balances the moments of action and drama with the storyline. Every watcher will question the presence of AI in the near future and the consequences that one will face in the growing era of AI.

So, if you are in need to have some quality time with your parents, then anime can be one of the sources, to begin with. Not only will it make them happy, but also you will be able to open up more in front of them. I am confident that you will be able to enjoy the recommended list that I have given to you.

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