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Summer Time Render Episode 3 Release Date And Where To Watch?

CC: Summer Time Rendering

Summer Time Render is a time loop plus mystery anime. And like every time loop story, the story follows an iterative path to get to the truth of the matter. Summer Time Render Episode 3 will take clues from previous episodes and further investigate the report.

The story so far goes like this. Shinpei has come back to his hometown to attend his childhood friend’s (Ushio) funeral on the 22nd of April. Ushio died while saving a kid from drowning, but rumor is going around she was strangled while holding the kid. Shinpei learns this later in detail from his other childhood friend, whose father had done the autopsy; his friend also tells him who else is in the know of the matter. Ushio’s father and sister. Ushio confronts Mio ( Ushio’s sister) about this, and she reveals something strange went down three days before her death. Mio and Ushio saw a doppelganger who disappeared right as they saw her. When they visit the local priest the next day, he is nowhere to be found. Mio’s image comes from hiding and killing her and Shinpei.

Shinpei wakes up and finds himself on the boat he took to get home. Somewhat surprised by the similar scenery and events, Shnipei checks his phone, with the date being 22nd April. Not knowing what to make of it, he is greeted by Mio from a distance on her bike. Shinpei asks her why she didn’t know when she was on a crash course to the ocean. She innocently said she tried, but it didn’t work. To Shinpei’s surprise, Mio’s break was cut.

Summer Time Render Episode 3

CC: Summer Time Rendering Franchise

Summer Time Render Episode 3

Before getting into the speculation of what’s to come for Summer Time Render Episode 3, let’s step back and gather the facts, as Shinpei would say. So far, we know of shadows of people that are out to replace the original. There are two external parties, hunter and bespectacled lady, who are in the business of dealing with the shadow. Mio has a shadow out there. And the little girl whose life Ushio saved disappeared along with her family before the time loop began. And the time loop has gone as long as the middle of the 23rd of April, before Shinpei’s first death.

Summer Time Render Episode 3 will show how things will turn out with Mio’s shadow. In the first and second iterations, Mio’s shadow had killed and had another shadow replace Island’s only policeman. In doing so, she gets herself a gun. But in the third iteration, Shinpei stops them from the meeting, leaving Mio’s shadow with a kitchen knife at her disposal. The mystery of the priest’s disappearance also needs to be looked into. Being the only one to dispel the shadows, he is vital in dealing with them. Lastly, what does Ushio’s rescuee knows about shadows? And is she replaced by her shadow already?

Summer Time Render Episode 3

CC: Summer Time Rendering Franchise

When Is Summer Time Render Episode 3 going to Release?

Summer Time Render Episode 3 will release on April 29 in Japan. For other regions, it will be available at given times on April 28

  • Pacific Time: 8 AM
  • Central Time: 10 AM
  • Eastern Time: 11 AM
  • British Time: 4 PM
  • Indian Standard time: 7.30 PM

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Where To Watch Summer Time Render Episode 3?

The series has only been licensed by Disney+ for Japan, making it the only source to watch Summer Time Render Episode 3. It may appear on other platforms like Netflix, Hulu, and Crunchyroll in the future. However, no news about it has been released.

What is Summer Time Render About?

Shinpei became an orphan at a young age, but his childhood friend’s family adopted him. Now Shinpei is returning after being out in the city for two years. Not for a reunion, though; he has come back to attend the funeral of his childhood friend(Ushio), who drowned while saving a child. Grimace by old memories and unfulfilled promises, Shinpei quickly learns her death wasn’t an accident but a possible murder. He is shocked by this, but he treats it as a rumor and moves on with no proof of it. He doesn’t get to be that way. However, it revealed that Ushio was murdered by a strange phenomenon described as a shadow. While supernatural forces are stacked against him, Shinpei gains the power of his own. He can go back in time and start over from 22nd April. The day he comes to his hometown.

Yasuki Tanaka is the creator of the series. He is the writer and leading illustrator of the series.

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