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Trapped In A Dating Sim Episode 5 Release Date And Where To Watch?

Trapped In A Dating Sim
CC: Trapped In A Dating Sim Franchise

The last episode started with Marie enticing Angelica to challenge her to a duel., the conclusion of which is carried to Trapped In A Dating Sim Episode 5. One of Marie’s crushes came in and said he would fight in her stead, telling her will fight for her if she accepts the challenge. Leon steps in at this moment, for one he wants to help Angelica, and two he wants to know about Marie. With the help of Luxion, he now knows Marie is an otherwordly person, possibly his world, so he wants to learn about her.

The situation escalates and instead of just fighting the prince he has to fight other of Marie’s love interests as well. Leon isn’t bothered despite all the boo-ing from the crows over the display of his Mecha. Luxion helps him in the fight while also mocking him, slightly. Throughout the fights, it becomes clear Leon’s mecha isn’t some rusty old garbage and all the suitors of Marie are good for nothing. Also adding in Leon isn’t a great person either. Speaking of being a great person, Leon’s new sister from this world planted bombs in his mecha during a break. Why? We will know the full details in the next episode.

Trapped In A Dating Sim

CC: Trapped In A Dating Sim Franchise

Trapped In A Dating Sim Episode 5

The fight between Leon and Prince Julius will conclude in Trapped In A Dating Sim Episode 5. So far the matches have been one-sided with Leon crushing his opponents one by one. In doing so he has also revealed he might not be up for a goody-good protagonist, then again it is an isekai where characters can be whoever they want to. Speaking of being yourself, Leon’s reincarnated sister isn’t really into that approach. Easily fitting into the role of the cute-faced manipulator, she won’t budge and is even insulted that a mob character is giving her a hard time. To her, the reality around her is still the game.

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As the fight concludes, the question is how will the aftermath unfold. People (students if you like) are immature and just wanna suck up to the royalty cause that’s the popular thing to do for them. Throughout the fights, their response has been in favor of the knights Leon had been mowing down one by one. Will it change people’s outlook on him and the one he fights, Angelica, or will they have to bear a new stigma right as they have entered the academy? And what’s with Leon’s sister from the incarnated world, who would put bombs to endanger their little brother’s lives?

Trapped In A Dating Sim

CC: Trapped In A Dating Sim Franchise

What is the release date of Trapped In A Dating Sim Episode 5?

The release date for Trapped In A Dating Sim Episode 5 is May 1st Thursday in Japan, at 10 AM. The release time for other reasons is as follows

  • Pacific Time: 6 AM PT
  • Central Time: 8 AM CT
  • Eastern Time: 9 AM EST
  • British Time: 2 PM BST
  • Indian Time: 6:30 PM IST
  • Singapore Time: 9:00 PM 
  • Australian Time: 10:00 PM 

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Where to Watch Trapped In A Dating Sim Episode 5?

Trapped In A Dating Sim Episode 5 can be watched on Crunchyroll by the International audience. Once all the episodes of the series have been premiered, Netflix and/or Hulu might also pick it up.

Trapped In A Dating Sim

Trapped in a Dating Sim is an isekai Sci-Fi story with not one but two people getting reincarnated who happened to be siblings. The older sibling who later became Leon in the reincarnated world would play on his younger sister’s insistence. He got reincarnated as a typical nobody of the game his sister forced him to play with no prospects. Not liking the situation he finds himself in, he uses the knowledge from the game and gets into a Nobel academy. After entering the academy, he ended up befriending the heroine of the first game, Olivia. Things had begun to go off the rail when he met Angelica Rapha Redgrave, who was the villain in the main game but now has all her traits gone, thanks to tinkering by Marie, Leon’s incarnated sister. As such, this new ended up becoming best friends with Angelica and Leon. He was content with that and laying low but his actions made him the center of attention.

That’s all for the details regarding Trapped In A Dating Sim Episode 5. Stay on theartistree for more details…

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