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Who Is The L Word: Generation Q Star Arienne Mandi Love Partner

Arienne Mandi
Arienne Mandi

In today’s article, we are going to talk about L Word: Generation Q star Arienne Mandi who played the role of Dani Nunez. She is one of the few who is able to make her name in this ever-going and ever-lasting entertainment world in less than ten years. For those who don’t know who Arienne Mandi is, don’t worry. We will cover that for you.

Arienne Mandi is an American native who was born in Los Angeles, California, on January 2 in the year 1986. She is half Chilean and half Iranian and is a multilinguist. She speaks Spanish and French and Persian, and English. She doesn’t only speak the said languages but is also frequent in all of them.

Arienne Mandi is a star with a talent worth praising for. She’s been seen playing roles in shows such as NCIS and Hawaii Five-O and The Interns and NCIS: Los Angele, and also In The Vault. NCIS: Los Angeles is an American television show which is created by Shane Brennan, who created other NCIS installments. It premiered for the very first time on CBS on September 22, 2009, and comes under the NCIS. It is the spin-off of the actual NCIS, which was aired on September 23, 2003.

Arienne Mandi and Sepideh Moafi

Arienne Mandi and Sepideh Moafi

Even though she was in major shows such as NCIS but she wasn’t able to make herself more prominent in the industry. It was only in 2019 when that she was able to break this streak. In 2019 she got the offer to play Dani Nunez in The L Word: Generation Q. This show is the spin-off of the original, The L Word, where Sarah Shahi was also in it. The L Word: Generation Q was aired on December 8, 2009, on Showtime.

The L Word: Generation Q focuses on the LGBTQ community, where they face heartbreaks, love, sex, and setbacks, along with personal growth and also grow as an individual. Arienne Mandi said that if there were to be anything close to what she feels, it would be pan (pansexuality). She accepts love in all forms, and she gives love, and it’s just all love, said the star.

Arinne Mandi is an American actress who has made her name within ten years of stepping foot in the entertainment industry, which is quite tough in today’s world of competition. She is rated highly among her fellows.

Sepideh Moafi

Sepideh Moafi

If you are a name in the entertainment world, then you definitely can’t escape from relationship rumors. Arienne Mandi is also caught up in a scandal with Iranian-American singer and actress Sepideh Moafi. Are the rumors about them true? We will for sure be dwelling on this, but first, let us know who Sepideh Moafi is.

Who is The L Word: Generation Q Star Arienne Mandi Love Partner?

As mentioned above early that Sepideh Moafi is an Iranian and American singer and actress who was born on September 18, 1985. She is popular for playing the role of Gigi Ghorbani in The L Word: Generation Q and also for the role of Loretta in The Deuce.

It can be said that both Arienne Mandi and Sepideh Moafi met during the shoot of The L Word: Generation Q. they immediately hit off on-screen, and both shared great chemistry on the screen. Audiences loved watching them together on the show, and they are also considered good pairs. Their fans have given them a shipping name, Gini. Gi from Gigi and ni from Dani.

Are both the actress in a relationship? This is still a question, as neither Arienne nor Sepideh has said anything on this matter. The supposed couple is to be made any comment on the matter at hand. Till the time they make any comment, nothing can’t be said about being together, and both the girls are very much single.

Arienne Mandi and Sepideh Moafi

Arienne Mandi and Sepideh Moafi

Both of them hasn’t shared any intimate photos of themselves, so it can be said they both are not in any romantic relationship. It also can’t be said whether Sepideh is lesbian or not. Unlike, Arienne, who opened up about her sexual orientation, Sepideh hasn’t said anything. She is quite reserved about this aspect of her life too. Like her relationship with Arienne, there are only rumors about her belonging to the LGBTQ community.

People are waiting for both of them to address the matter so that they can quench their thirst. Follow both Arienne and Sepideh on their Instagram accounts to be updated.

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