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The Chosen Season 3: Release Date & Preview

The Chosen season 3 release date
The Chosen

The Chosen, a prominent series known for being the highest crowd-funded show. This faith-based show has been the first one of its kind for being a multi-season series of all time. It is without exaggeration one of the best series which reiterates the life of Jesus Christ and all his power in the true sense. It has garnered the attention of millions with the unconventional and realistic contemporary narrative of the life of Jesus of Nazareth. The audience around the world finds it promising due to its creative narration and cultural significance while remaining loyal and on point with the gospels’ message. Let us discuss more about the series’ plot and artistic development and also know more about The Chosen season 3 release date.

The highlight of the series development and production is that even if the story is already known yet the unconventional way of presentation grasps our attention. This can be proved by the funds received from around the globe. It might seem surprising to know that no network handles the project, but the creators have developed their own mobile app, “The Chosen app,” and made it available for free. This is one such initiative where the funding is completely voluntary, and the viewer can add to the funds only if they wish to. The sole reason for the gain in popularity can be ascribed to creative narrative and contemporary relevance while remaining loyal to the gospels’ message. Kudos to the director and co-writer of the show Dallas Jenkins. Let us dive to know about The Chosen season 3 release date.

The Chosen season 3 release date

The Chosen season 2

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How was the idea developed?

The Chosen is inspired by Jenkins’ short film The Shepherd, which he created for a Christmas Eve sermon at Harvest Bible Chapel in Elgin, Illinois, United States, and filmed on a friend’s farm near Marengo. VidAngel, a faith-based filtering business, was looking for unique videos to distribute after being involved in a copyright infringement dispute with major Hollywood studios. Dallas Jenkins’ plan for a multi-season series was to publish the short film on Facebook as a pilot episode, to visualize the concept and how it looks if actually produced, according to VidAngel.

The Chosen season 3 release date

The Chosen, scene from season 2

The Chosen season 3 release date

After the massive response received on the first two seasons and later becoming hits, there is a lot of anticipation among the audience regarding the upcoming season. While everything is fixed about the renewal of a new season, The Chosen team has been waiting for the optimal funding amount. As of now, the team managed to collect only 56% of the money needed to create ‘The Chosen’ Season 3.

The production will be resumed as soon as the required amount falls into place. If all goes according to plan, production of The Chosen season 3 should begin in the late fall of this year. Season 3 of ‘The Chosen’ is expected to premiere in 2022, at the same time as the second season did this year.

The Chosen season 3 release date

The Chosen season 2 scene, conversation between Matthew and Jesus before the sermon.

 Season 1 of The Chosen has a 99 percent favorable rating from the audience, based on 4,672 reviews as of 2021. It had been seen over 50 million times in about 180 countries as of August 2020. Season 1 has been seen over 100 million times by the end of March 2021. The show will have been viewed 150 million times and translated into 50 languages by June 2021. Its YouTube channel has 1.3 million members as of August 2021.

Purpose of the show

The foremost purpose of the show is to bring people to Christ and let them know the true meaning of the gospel, according to the show’s director. He also stated that the series was created in such a way so that it could be binge-watched. The purpose of all biblical and historical context, as well as any artistic imagination, is to reaffirm the truth and meaning of the Scriptures. The audience is encouraged to read the gospels. The original names, places, and expressions have been transliterated into English for everything said.


The pilot episode of the series “The Chosen” was released on December 24th, 2017. This episode paved the way for the upcoming tremendous faith-based project. The crowd’s attention and response to the series’ pilot episode made it clear to the director Dallas Jenkins how much he needs to go forward with his idea of a multi-season series. 

The first season’s filming wrapped up in about 60 days, and the shooting took place in Weatherford, Texas. The set was built in the already present Capernaum village with additional historical touches to make it look more like back in the day Capernaum. A sound stage and visual effects were used to enhance the scenes.

The Chosen season 3 release date

The Chosen series director and Co-writer-Dallas Jenkins

Season 2 of The Chosen was filmed in Utah to bring to life the ancient Israeli setup. It was made possible to shoot the scenes realistically because of the set in Utah county. To film sequences for its Book of Mormon films, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints created a duplicate Jerusalem film set. It is the first time that a film not associated with the LDS church has been permitted to shoot on this set. Season 2 episodes had long breaks between releases due to obstructions caused by the pandemic. 

Pros of the show

The program has a large number of persons of color as performers, which is uncommon in Bible-based television and movies. The Chosen series is entirely based on actual accounts of Jesus Christ’s gospels from the Bible. Origin stories have been added, as well as several characters and speech. Some timelines and locations have been merged or condensed. The whole context of the show is set as per the direct Biblical mentions and references.

The language used is slightly modified, which is a solid move by the director. The language used in the series resembles the contemporary middle east accent, which is strong with an emphasis on words. This has been a plus to the show as the whole setting depicts the Middle eastern culture at the time of Jesus Christ. Another interesting fact is that most of the actors who gave their voiceovers in modern-day middle eastern accents are from the states, we could only imagine the struggle they must have gone through to imitate the accent. 

Despite the show’s evangelical bent, it includes advisors from three different faiths. Catholic priest and national director of Family Theater Productions Father David Guffey, Messianic rabbi Jason Sobel of Fusion Global Ministries, and Biola University professor of New Testament Dr. Doug Huffman are serving as advisors. They go over scripts and provide information or context about the story’s biblical, cultural, and socio-political background.

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